2nd Skies Forex Review by The Forex College
2nd Skies Forex Review by The Forex College

2nd Skies Forex Review


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If you are aspiring to be a trader and make millions from this career, you have to be sure that you take the right start. A right start means that you must acquire the necessary education to be able to make successful trades in the market. A lot of people around the world join online brokers’ trading platforms under the impression that forex trading is simple and they need no training. That’s a huge mistake that a person can make. Yes, forex trading is pretty straightforward at its core, but it does not mean there are no complexities involved in it.

Apart from the basic education that you receive from various online brokers, you have some comprehensive courses from online websites like 2nd Skies Forex. It is arguably one of the most comprehensive and useful forex trading courses on the internet according to its users. Let’s take a look at why so many people are of that opinion.

2nd Skies Forex – Starting with the Basics

It is amazing that you don’t even have to take up any course to learn the basics. Right on the 2nd Skies Forex website, you can find ample information about forex trading. The information on the website will give you a clear idea of what forex trading is all about and how you need to do it. Keep in mind that you are not visiting the website of some forex broker. They usually give you access to a lot of training material but none is available for free. In addition to that, you are not too sure if the course you will gain access to will be worth the money you pay.

On the other hand, when you land on 2nd Skies Forex website, you know this is the right place for anyone to learn forex trading. The website and all of the content available for you is fully focused on teaching you how to trade.

2nd Skies Forex – The Source of Information

When you want to sign up for a course, the first thing you want to confirm is the source from where the information is coming. Who is the person compiling all the information? Unless you know that, there is no use in acquiring such education. If it is some marketer who is just scraping off content from the internet and putting it together, and then calling it a forex trading course, you are not going to learn anything from it. This will be a pile of generic information that you can research on the internet on your own. When it comes to 2nd Skies Forex, you know the source of information is authentic, reliable, and trustable.

The person who has compiled all of this online course is Chris Capre. The first thing you have to know about Chris is that he has spent multiple decades in the trading world. He is the person who started just like any other novice trader in the world and learned from the ground up. At one point, he only had $3,000 that he decided to invest in the financial markets. It did not take more than half a year for him to turn this money into $83,000. But a person who has only had success in life cannot be a role model. You don’t learn from successes. Instead, you learn from your failures and mistakes.

That’s how Chris learned the right lessons too. He was successful in the beginning, but then he made some mistakes. It did not take more than 30 days for him to lose $50,000 by making wrong choices. However, Chris got back on his feet and started to take control of his trading career because of his educational background. After studying neuroscience, you would not expect someone to take up a trading career. However, these two fields are related to each other much more strongly than most people imagine. After more than 20 years of experience in this industry, he is now transferring his knowledge to other traders.

During these years, Chris has worked with various Wall Street companies. He has seen the good days and the bad days of trading. More importantly, he has seen this industry in its deepest depths to know what needs to be done for successful trades.

2nd Skies Forex – The Free Training

One of the best things about Chris’ training is that a big part of it is available for free. Only experts can offer such useful information for free because they know their content will be impressive enough for people to want to subscribe for the remaining content as well. Now, as soon as you look at the content you will realize that it is not just random content. Even the free content has been created with proper detail. There are plenty of videos that teach you about forex trading. In addition to that, there is a separate section that talks specifically about various trading strategies.

The best thing in this section is the free beginner’s course. Yes, you can start trading in the real markets with real money once you have completed this course. Don’t let the name of the course give you a false impression. This beginner’s course is as comprehensive as any course can be. There are a total of 12 chapters within this course. In these 12 chapters, you will get all the basic knowledge about everything that comes in the advanced courses such as Ichimoku trading, price action trading, trading plan etc. This same course talks about various trading platforms that are mostly used for trading with online brokers.

You will also learn about the various charts that tell you about the market conditions. In short, you are in a proper position to start your basic account with an online broker once you have completed this course. In fact, this course is much more comprehensive and covers more topics than any beginner’s course with online brokers does.

2nd Skies Forex – The Advanced Courses

The real deal is when you get into the advanced courses available from 2nd Skies Forex. Here are the courses and what you will learn in them.

The Price Action Course

This is an advanced course in which you will learn all about price action trading. Of course, it will first explain to you what price action is all about. If you don’t know, different experts speculate the prices of assets in different ways. They use different types of analyses and look into different factors to predict in which direction the price of the asset will move. When you talk specifically about price action, this is a strategy in which the price movement of the asset is your basis of all analyses. You don’t give too much weight to other factors. You look at the price movements, the latest ones and those in the past.

Price Action is one of the most effective techniques in financial markets. There are many reasons why this technique is better than many others that experts use. Price action is something that you can apply to any financial asset. It is not specific to a particular market. It does not matter which asset you are talking about, price movement is associated with all of them. Of course, the reason for doing any type of analysis is to help you make profitable trades and avoid the risks as much as possible.

From the name of the course, you might think that you will only gain advanced knowledge of Price Action. However, this course covers everything about Price Action. Once you have completed this course, you will be standing with the experts because of your understanding of the market. After completing the course, it is all about implementing your knowledge practically. When you start applying the knowledge, you learn about the occasions when the Price Action strategy works the best. The more you practice the strategy, the most consistent you get with your strategy.

At the time of writing this, you can join this course for only $290. This promotion is only available for select few candidates and only for a limited amount of time. The actual price of the course is $600.

Ichimoku Course

This is another advanced course but is takes a completely different approach at trading than the price action strategy. Even if you have taken up the Price Action course, you will have to learn this one from the scratch because it is a completely different concept. When you learn about Price Action, you look at the price movements of the assets in the market to analyze whether they will rise or fall in the future. You don’t look at other factors. In fact, you don’t even look at why the price has gone up or down. You just analyze the prize movement, its aggressiveness, and some other price-related factors to speculate how long the trend will continue.

On the other hand, Ichimoku is all about support and resistance. Ichimoku is actually the name of a chart that you have to look at before entering a trade. Experts believe that it is the more in-depth analysis of financial assets because there are more indicators included within this analysis. When you predict the price of an asset based on equilibrium chart, you have a higher probability of making a successful trade than you have with other analysis. The origin of this technique lies in Japan. Unlike many other indicators, this particular technique has come into being only a little more than 50 years ago.

The technique has been around for quite some time but only in the recent years it has started to become popular in the new and old traders all around the world. Again, this course has a price of $500. However, for a limited time, people can take up this course on 2nd Skies Forex for just $299. This $299 can set the foundation of a millionaire career for you.

Traders Mindset Course

You can have multiple groups when you talk about price action trading and trading on the basis of Ichimoku technique. However, this advanced course applies to every single trader in the world. It does not matter whether you are an old trader or a new one. Even the financial market that you are trading in does not matter. Every trader needs to learn to have the right mindset when trading in any financial market. It is the right mindset that keeps you from taking the wrong decisions.

It is understood that you will have good days and bad ways in your trading career. Bad days are the worst because they can make you think the way you should not. You might end up taking wrong decisions that are just harmful to you. In addition to that, this course helps you gain the confidence that will assist you in entering trades. You will realize after you start trading that entering trades is not easy due to the fear of losing your money after an unsuccessful trade. It does not matter how many charts you look at, how many indicators you take help from, and how much time you spend speculating, you cannot complete successful trades if you don’t have the right amount of confidence.

The best thing is that this course takes advantage of the many neuroscience strategies and techniques to help you have the right mindset during your trades. With a strong mind and lots of confidence, you can execute trades that are bound to be successful.

Final Thoughts

It is not possible for someone to step into the trading world and become a millionaire without proper knowledge. Yes, you might make some successful trades in the beginning. However, what you need to become a millionaire is consistently successful trades. Consistency comes from knowledge, and that is what these courses are for. Not to mention, the person behind this knowledge is someone who has understood the ins and outs of this industry by being in it. So, if you are researching various online brokers these days to start your trading career, it is best that you take up one of the 2nd Skies Forex trading courses first.

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