The avid crypto influencers like Anthony Pompliano and many more have taken a shine to the Bitcoin-friendly crypto space called Locals. is a social media platform that provides a sheltered and safe space for crypto content creators without the worry of getting hit with demonetization and shadowing. The big names in the crypto space like Alexander Lloyd, author of the Little Bitcoin Book, and Balaji S.Srinivasa, former CTO of Coinbase, have backed the platform.

The newly launched social media platform has been flocking with Bitcoiners and crypto enthusiasts to find an alternative for the fig tech censorship programs. It seems that most popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Patreon have been busy introducing strict crypto regulations for content creators.

Why there is a lack of Social Media Advocacy for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Most popular crypto influencers in the world have been discussing the constant fear of getting their accounts banned, restricted, or lost in the algorithm translation. It seems that many tech companies have been competing in the crypto arena and are trying to minimize the spread of influence of the independent decentralized digital assets. 

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert Comics, says about his Locals membership that he wanted better control over his content. He further added that he was tired of not being able to manage which of his content reaches the viewers and which ones are blacklisted, hidden, or demonetized. Dave Rubin, a political watchdog on YouTube, has hopped onto the Locals platform to earn a better percentage of his money with his content. 

Other Social Media Platforms on the Rise to Support Crypto Centric News and Content

While companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube may have a personal bias or partiality towards the type of crypto content that is allowed to get trending. The stakeholders want to create more alternatives in the market where the content creators can share their non-sponsored influenced opinions without the fear of getting cut off from their profit margins and followers. 

Many new social media platforms like GazeTV, AIOZTube, and You42 are barricading against the incomprehensible and questionable content management policies of the hoarding social media giants. The movements of monetization free platforms are on the uptake, and they are welcomed by the vast crypto community in all parts of the world. This change is mainly sparked by the incidences of deleted videos about cryptocurrencies and a pattern of desensitizing algorithms.