Cryptocurrency has sure come a long way; in fact, it was introduced as an idea that had no prior chances of flying, but then it did, and ever since, it is soaring sky high. Bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency because it was the one that got introduced in the beginning as the first-ever cryptocurrency in the world. Since then, it has seen a lot of ups and downs, and at present, it is being praised by various financial bodies out there and a lot of attention on social media platforms. It is only natural that government and regulating bodies out there want to control Bitcoin, but due to this cryptocurrency’s decentralised mechanics, it just can’t be done the way all of those out there intend to.

The US House of Representatives replica leader Kevin McCarthy shares the same thoughts that Bitcoin is something that can’t be ignored any longer, nor can it be regulated by the regulating bodies. McCarthy had some vital points to share regarding the evolution of the cryptocurrency in the past few years as Bitcoin no longer remains the sole candidate in the crypto market as the success of Ethereum and Binance coin say a lot on their own. Other politicians and notable personalities present in the interview didn’t seem too committed to Bitcoin and the idea of decentralization. 

Bitcoin Adoption Remains Unstoppable Despite the Regulators’ Intervention

According to McCarthy, the common norm that has been established out there represents the ‘if I can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist mindset.’ The official regulators are trying their very best to shadow Bitcoin and impose some serious restrictions on it, so its use case and adoption by the public could be limited or completely hidden, but this is having a completely opposite effect. Not only are people getting more and more interested in Bitcoin, but the financial involvement is becoming much persistent over the course of a few weeks. This has definitely become an unstoppable phenomenon, so people should just let it run along and try it for themselves, and who knows, it might end up being the financial solution they have been looking for all along.