XRP is in the middle of clearing its name from the SEC as new evidence has come to light, and according to it, SEC did accepted the term digital asset and later on mended their theory and started calling XRP as unregistered security, which is why all the fiasco about XRP, not getting its break-in the USA has been going around. 

But it might be over for good soon; given such high performance on XRP’s end, it is also being hinted that it might hit an all-time high, according to the legendary trading expert Pere Brandt so the people who did buy it back in 2018 are in for a treat as its price is about to soar high and nothing could stay in its way. After holding onto their precious XRP tokens all this year, finally, the time to chip these in has come, and they must explore this opportunity down to its very core. 

Ripple is on a Hot Streak Bringing the Market Cap to an All-Time High

According to Peter Brandt, these findings are dependent on the bullish inverted head and shoulder pattern XRP tokens are making over the weekly charts. According to this pattern, the price value is about to plunge into a new all-time high for XRP, and it could finally mean that there are other cryptocurrencies as well that want to bask and bathe in this amazing moonlight which was only limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

On April 6, Ripple’s price ticked to a new all-time high of $1.11, and this initiative proved to be the push that finally settled the overall market cap of the crypto market to an even $2 trillion. Those who thought that cryptocurrency is going to end up being a hoax and nothing more than that have tangible evidence in front of them which confirms that it is not a hoax nor it is some kind of elaborative and extensive scam but changing lives for the better and bringing innovation and simplicity in making financial transitions that didn’t exist before at all. No wonder why betterment is sinking into a market that stands for all that is right and just in terms of money and digital finance.