Avalon-WM Review

Are you looking for that perfect platform that will provide you with all the tools, facilities, opportunities to trade your favorite digital assets? If yes, I am about to tell you about a platform that I am sure you are going to like. Now, my job is not to convince you to sign up with it. My job is to tell you as much as possible about it and let you make the decision. So, that’s what I am going to do in this detailed Avalon-WM review. Learn about all the amazing things this company can provide you with and see if you can start your crypto trading career with it.

Feel Very Secure

One of the issues that many new traders face when it is about time to sign up with a broker is that they don’t feel comfortable and secure. For someone who is doing it for the first time, trusting an online entity without any prior knowledge can be quite challenging. However, the companies that provide traders with crypto trading services can make things better by offering them great security. That’s where I think Avalon-WM really takes the cake. This company is all about making things secure for its traders. You have 256-bit encryption in place, which is the best you can get today.

In addition to that, you have the account monitoring in place, which means that some of the best specialist agencies are always looking at the movements in the customer trading accounts. If someone is doing something illegal or is about to do it, these monitoring specialists know right away and they stop it from happening. You can be sure that no identity thieves or money launderers are on the same platform that you are using for your trading needs.

Easiest Deposits Ever

The deposits that you make in your trading account with Avalon-WM are the easiest. I can say that based on my personal experience. I have been with many companies in the past, but I can tell you with guaranty that they are not making things easy for their traders even after being in the business for many years. You can see that they don’t allow them to make small deposits. Right from the beginning, you have to make a huge deposit before you can trade anything. On the other hand, you can start with Avalon-WM with a very small deposit.

The most important thing is that you can use some of the fastest and safest methods to fund your trading accounts. You can use your credit or debit card if you are always doing that online. However, if you are someone with some cryptocurrencies in the wallet, I say you go with the wallet to wallet transfer. That’s some option that you will not always get with every online company that provides you with cryptocurrency trading. However, you are getting this option from Avalon-WM, which is going to make your life easier and allow you to make deposits without losing money due to the conversion fees.

Proper Money Storage Management

I have to tell you that many online companies out there don’t even know about this particular problem. They are providing you with trading services, but they don’t know that managing the money of their traders requires a lot of management. These companies can’t just put the money they receive from their traders in their own accounts. Firstly, they have to maintain separate accounts for all the deposits that are made by the customers. Secondly, they have to secure this money by taking the latest security measures. I have to admire how Avalon-WM manages your money through hot and cold storage.

So, the problem with hot storage is that your money is stored through wallets that are connected to the internet. What it means is that hackers do have access to this money if they try their illegal means. It is not easy, but it is definitely possible. However, when you sign up with Avalon-WM, you will notice that only 5% of the amount from the traders is kept in the hot storage. Where does the rest of the money go? Well, the company makes sure that it keeps that money in cold storage, which means it is not even accessible to those connected to the internet.

Trade Many Assets

Enjoy trading like the professionals do when you have so many assets in your access. You will be glad to know that there are more than 500 different assets that you can trade when you sign up with Avalon-WM. These assets come from a variety of financial markets. Of course, you will mainly be signing up with Avalon-WM for trading digital currencies and you will get a lot of them for you to trade. On the other hand, I have checked other platforms, they usually only have a couple of digital currencies that you can trade on their platforms.

If you are interested in precious metals because they are mostly stable, you can trade them with Avalon-WM. If you like to trade forex currency pairs because that’s the biggest financial market in the world, you can do that type of trading with Avalon-WM. You also have other stocks and indices in your access. However, when it comes to these assets, with the exclusion of digital currencies, you will be trading them in the form of CFDs. This will allow you to enjoy some big leverages on your trades and margin requirements that you can easily afford.

Final Thoughts

So, trading digital currencies with Avalon-WM is probably one of the best experiences of trading that I have had. With a very small deposit in my basic trading account, I am happy I was able to start with Avalon-WM. I can use leverages to make things better and go short or long on my trades, whichever way I prefer. Now, if you are thinking about trading cryptocurrencies with safety and security, I think you should definitely consider at least knowing more about Avalon-WM so you can have a clear picture before signing up.