Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto saved Paris Hilton’s life as she said that she is getting quite excited about the leading cryptocurrency.

Paris Hilton is an American actress, model, celebrity, and businesswoman. She is currently holding Bitcoin, and she says that she’s excited about the first-ever digital asset.

Interestingly, a proponent of Bitcoin, Keiser, revealed that the BTC once saved her life when she was going on an evil path.

Woman Feels an Extraordinary Excitement About Bitcoin

The leading digital asset has seen numerous support and acceptance from celebrities in the recent past. Starting from the global entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Michael Saylor to the world’s biggest investors like Poul Tudor Jones III, to a well-known actress like Maisie Williams, famously known as Arya Stark from a TV series, Game of Thrones.

Also, the leading asset was publicly glorified by a popular celebrity, Miss Paris Hilton. According to the current reports about her interview with CNBC, she proclaimed that she already invested in the top digital asset. She also said that “Yes,” she is extremely excited about this, and she has no doubt about its futuristic dominance.

After the interview, she got some public reach on Twitter. A supporter of Bitcoin Keiser posted an old picture with Paris Hilton and Stacy Herbert; he wrote a caption saying he substantially discussed with Paris Hilton about the BTC.

During an interview with Cryptopotato, Kieser indicated that Hilton is another example. She was going on a blind evil path, but now, she is completely saved, all thanks to Satoshi.

He added that, as a supporter of BTC, he would continue to raise his voice in favor of the cryptocurrency and BTC in front of as many people as possible. He continued saying that, by doing this, he is doing the work of Satoshi in the market. In the case of Hilton, it is the elegance of Satoshi that saved her. I am nothing more than a servant of Satoshi. 

Because of his never-ending efforts for the leading cryptocurrency’s progress, Michael Saylor of “MicroStrategy” refers to him as one of the priests of Bitcoin.

Keiser concluded by saying that he feels humbled whenever he thinks about thousands of lives he saved that were going to be crushed by the evil of fiat money. Everything was made possible due to Bitcoin and absolutely under the light of Satoshi.