Bitcoin has seen some waves within the crypto market as after trading at a staggering price of $57k, it had to be pitched down to $43k and then began Bitcoin’s chase to reach back to $50k and the market’s bearish run to nail it below $50k. Well, after running its worst week, Bitcoin was finally able to rise above the usual $50k chase by settling for $52k. The crypto market is seeing some optimism return towards cryptocurrency in terms of the $55 billion investment returns to the market, and Bitcoin, due to this vote of confidence, has seen a 6% rise in its worth.

This sudden rise comes from the stimulus worth $1.9 trillion that was under consideration and might pass the senate based on the concession made regarding minimum wage. If the senate clears it the next week, then many checks will be flying out of the senate, where some of them are finding their way towards the crypto market.  

Things Turning Up for Bitcoin

The bond markets are also becoming stable after being out of the league for so much time, and the turbulence is nearly over there. Sadly, Fed is reassuring the markets that they don’t wish to ease the economy’s support as too much is still on the line, including full employment is way below the average expected rate it should have grown to by now. Stocks are doing fine as almost the majority of the stocks or those which matter anyway are all in the green.

Miners have also finished their selling of Bitcoin and now appear in the mood to get back into the game of mining cryptocurrency, which ensures more and more support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. This indicates that Bitcoin might become the currency for international trade.

Now the big question that emerges is whether Bitcoin will score a win this time and surpass the $57k higher limit or there is going to be another immediate brawl and sudden decline of the Bitcoin’s price, shaking the crypt market yet once again. With expectations that the worst is behind us, Bitcoin has come back to normal trading, and hopefully, this situation would remain consistent.