Peter Schiff has come up with another interesting anecdote about the ongoing Dogecoin rally. The meme altcoin saw a rise of 3000 percent increase after it got frequent support tweets from the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. Schiff has been in favor of gold as a hedge rather than placing its bets on digital assets.

On the other hand, his son has been a strong proponent of digital currencies and has been seen at odds with his old man on the subject quite frequently. In a recent tweet, Schiff took a snarky pass at the crypto investors and told them that Bitcoin is getting beat up by Dogecoin. To make his remarks more believable, he also added a 97% percentage diversion of interest from BTC to DOGE.

Peter Schiff caught the crypto community’s attention on April 1st, 2021, when he admitted that he submitted his will to cryptocurrencies and turned his faith away from gold markets. Now, it has become clear that his remarks were intended as an April Fools prank. Meanwhile, Schiff also admits that his heirs, Spencer, has become absorbed by the digital assets, and he even sold out his silver shares to accumulate more Bitcoin holdings.

His son also told him off in a Twitter thread run in about the cryptocurrency markets. Schiff has been making sarcastic comparisons like BTC being superior to gold means that DOGE is superior to Bitcoin. Schiff’s son believes that Bitcoin would outlast every possible rendition of the cryptic assets that keep rising from time to time in the markets.

Schiff has jokingly warned his son from buying into any more digital assets by saying that he might have to disown his flesh and blood. It seems that the CEO of the Euro Pacific Capital does not want his son to spend any more of his belongings on the crypto markets. Spencer Schiff has gone 100 percent Bitcoin and started to convert other holdings into his Bitcoin stash.

Schiff took a shot at Bitcoiners by mentioning that they should put laser noses until the DOGE coin hits 1 USD. He was referring to Bitcoin holders who have decided to share laser eyes until the flagship crypto hits the $100,000 mark. He also made a bizarre comparison of Bitcoin to an old horse and Dogecoin with a new sports car.