Centralized financial platforms have always tried their best when it comes to staying away from decentralization, blockchain technology, and crypto tokens in general. Sudden price drops, excruciating volatility, and unparallel price dynamics were some of the giveaways that propelled them to stay away from all of it for good.

But today, many technologies are being introduced that are working as a bridge to establish some kind of connection between the centralized and the decentralized world, and one of such technologies is Blackrock’s new Bitcoin trust system.

Recently, the investment firm Blackrock forged an alliance with Coinbase, one of the leading centralized crypto exchanges out there, and in no way, shape or form was it going to stay away from the crypto action. This was a coalition that would allow Blackrock to seek opportunities and interest in different elements of the blockchain-based networks out there and cryptocurrencies as well.

Recently it has launched its own private Bitcoin spot trust fund, which allows its institutional investors to have a sneak peek into the world of crypto without having to go through multiple price meltdowns and referencing volatility aspects of the market. They would be able to invest in crypto, especially in Bitcoin, whenever and however they deem fit.

Crypto Trading Gets Easier

Another great advantage those investors are going to have is that they would be able to wire the money directly from their banks instead of opting for a more decentralized route, i.e., finding a crypto exchange to trade into crypto assets.

The entire volume of investment that they would have occupied from the Bitcoin spot trust fund would remain within the company’s private crypto wallet, and if need be, they can withdraw some or all of it in their personal crypto wallets. The whole idea behind this trust fund is to provide people with an indirect investment approach towards cryptocurrencies rather than having to go the direct route which is a bit complicated, to say the least.