The Crypto Winter has taken hold of the digital currency market a little before expected, and the frost is here to stay for a while. Since the start of the current year, Bitcoin’s market value has depleted by 35%. Despite the ninth consecutive bear market week, investors are wondering when the bear market will fully mature.

While the greater cryptocurrency investors are busy looking at the clues for the signs of consolidation, some are already talking about the big picture. Mike McGlone, the senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, shared his two cents on the matter recently.

He recently claimed that as soon as the bear market is over and the digital market cap starts to recover, cryptocurrencies will become the reigning asset class in the world once again.

In his last public statement about the cryptocurrency market, McGlone claimed that Bitcoin is currently undervalued. He also predicted that Bitcoin is set to acquire a market value of $100,000 per unit before 2025. Journalists asked his opinion on the expectations for the crypto investors out of the crypto winter and what should be the signs to look out for.

McGlone commented that the upcoming market situation is going to be mimicking the impact of the 1929, 2008, and 1987 bear markets. He further explained that many people are set to experience the worst inflation pressure on the economy in 40 years. He further explained that if investors are willing to walk the distance, Bitcoin can become the best asset class to hold.

Best Investment Options for Investors

Talking about the impact of inflationary forces on Bitcoin, McGlone claimed that thus far, the top coin has remained predominantly neutral. He further explained that professional investors realize the resilience of flagship cryptocurrency against macroeconomic factors and inflation. He also talked about the start of the consolidation period for commodities and assets.

McGlone claims that Bitcoin should be among the asset classes that can remain in the top return generators. On the other hand, he also made a case for gold as the best-performing asset of all and put it in the same category as Bitcoin and US government-issued long bonds.

He estimates that the long bond yields would rise exponentially with a stock market low signalled by hike predictions of the Fed at a halt. At the same time, he claimed that Gold prices would skyrocket.