In order to assist investors lower dangers and value unpredictability when trading cryptocurrency futures, Bybit has introduced the Futures Grid Bot, an AI-powered automated solution. Bybit, the Bitcoin exchange that boasts to be the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has introduced Futures Grid program, an AI-powered automated crypto exchanging program for later investors. 

The engineers of the company claim that the most recent additions are a portion of their desire to democratize finance systems and give thousands of clients the resources they necessitate to trade profitably with both time and money. 

Main benefits

The newly released computer program is intended to assist traders in avoiding the dangers and price volatility involved in trading cryptocurrency futures. The company (the creator of the technological application) supplies investors with a harmless and more secure framework in which they can investigate upcoming currency exchange applications. 

Similar principles apply to the brand-new trading assistant. When the price rises above the entry point for an appointed bid, it is sold. When the value declines, it is purchased. Using this machine-controlled purchase and exchange bids, investors can benefit from changes in price, thanks to AI capabilities.

It will launch with only the most fundamental features so that clients can rapidly become familiar with it and understand how it operates. The solution’s second iteration will include more sophisticated features aimed at meeting the demands of advanced traders. 

Bybit explained the operation of the new Futures Grid Bot as a way traders can take advantage of the automation of the bot while preserving more peace of mind and lowering the risk of loss by using leverage, a crucial component of futures trading. 

Utilizing the program

The company-creator of the AI assistant is a sector-leading corporation with large trading volumes. Depths that can be used by traders who require automated trading to be more intelligent and perceptive to help reduce slippage. It’s intended for a particular purpose.

Bybit is actively implementing the new program to make life easier for its clients. It introduced options on BTC and ETH in September 2022.