Owing to the pandemic, the tourism sector is changing, and Airbnb is seeking to move matters a little bit by integrating innovative technologies. However, it is unclear whether this includes crypto payments at this moment.

Airbnb, the web holiday rental platform, might soon accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Brian Chesky, Twitter’s CEO, inquired shortly after new year that what’d you introduce assuming Airbnb can introduce something this 2022?

Chesky culled through the 4K replies to come up with the top 6 ideas. Bringing cryptocurrency payments to the site was first on the list, backed by more transparent prices and the addition of a reward structure.

Chesky stated the company is currently operating on the majority of the proposals without getting into details. He also promised to examine those that aren’t currently being addressed. This makes one wonder when or not Airbnb would accept cryptocurrency payments available. However, considering the conditions that travel enterprises confront, others argue that the chances are in their favor.

How Airbnb Handled the Pandemic Issue

On a worldwide basis, the last 2 years or so have been marked by enormous uncertainties. This is especially true for enterprises that rely on unrestricted movement of personnel. Airbnb was especially heavily affected, losing 80 percent of its company shortly after the lockdowns were implemented. Airbnb was able to secure its place owing to certain strong measures, along with an uncompromising top-down messaging to recast the problem as a reincarnation chance.

She continued telling the business that this really is their turning point. And do you have any idea what occurred? It was a watershed event for us. It seemed nearly as though she had been reborn. The company claimed sales of $2.52B for the 9 months ending in September 2020 in its November 2020 IPO filing. The particular time-frame the prior year brought in $3.7B in revenue.

The file also showed a significant shift in travel patterns, owing to the widespread use of work-from-home in lockdowns. Owing to that result, the company noted a rise in the length of residence. They came to the conclusion that rather than relaxing, Airbnb customers were momentarily residing in commercial property. We feel that the barriers amid travel and dwelling are dissolving, and that the worldwide plague has hastened the capacity to reside in any place.

Will Airbnb Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

According to Forbes, one key in Airbnb’s development from startups to behemoth was the company’s willingness to pay attention to customer input and incorporate what it gained into its company processes.

Designing ideas that emphasize on paying attention to the expressed as well as implicit requirements of the clients or online clients they support are ingrained in all 3 pioneers. It appears reasonable that cryptocurrency payments would be added in 2022, given that it’s the most popular option.

Furthermore, the company’s IPO filing suggests that it is already considering cryptocurrency but also Metaverse technology. They claim that it’s important in order to keep up with the continuously changing commercial environment.

The business’ capacity of adapting to technological innovations like tokenization, cryptos, innovative authenticating technologies like fingerprints, shared ledger and smart contracts, AI, VAR, and cloud-based platforms would also determine our future prosperity. Chesky’s reply is awaited by the cryptocurrency world.