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The Forex College has made an assessment of CFDAdvanced for you today and we have concluded in our CFDAdvanced review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with CFDAdvanced trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

CFDAdvanced Review

CFDAdvanced WebsiteTrading has become a new trend in the online world as it presents an easy way of becoming rich. Once you become aware of different trading avenues, your experience will help fill your bank account with profit on the trading of assets. The boundary line of trading online is vast as it covers hundreds of instruments, such as indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFDs, commodities, and many others. Each object has its unique advantages and has a unique history. CFD trading is not possible without the help of brokers, such as CFDAdvanced. The brokers take major decisions on your part, which prove very helpful for traders.

Hundreds of brokers work in the trading space, which makes everything easy and reliable for traders. But some have started making people fool by robbing money out of their pockets. In order to avoid these scam brokers, you first check feedback and reviews on reliable sites. I have made your path easy, as I will tell you about a broker that focuses on users’ needs and requirements. In the CFDAdvanced review, I will explain every bit about it. Following is the detail and comprehensive information about the broker.

What is CFDAdvanced?

CFDAdvanced list the information that it normally does for traders. First, a lot of trading objects, including CFDs and cryptocurrencies, are available for trading on the platform. Second, it provides customers with a facility to trade more than 400 different types of symbols. Third, users of the broker can trade assets irrespective of wherever they are. The state of the website’s art structure makes it popular in the community of traders and investors.

The legal nature of it tells us about its attachment with a legal body. Due to its regulated nature, it makes sure that users who are making accounts with the site are trustable or not. The users of the trading firm are satisfied with its dozen of trading features and services. What’s more, it is an authentic and regulated broker.

CFDAdvanced trading platform

Trade Wide Range of Assets

The assets available for trading are all popular among traders and are added to their versatile portfolios. Out of hundreds of trading assets, one can select his favourite assets or trendy objects. In the list of trading assets, cryptocurrencies and CFDs are present, which are known for offering a high return on investment. Moreover, the users also have a chance to dive into the Forex industry as a lot of Forex trading pairs are listed on the site. The most interesting feature of it is that people would be able to trade things 24-hours a day without any pause.  It is very important that you should know the fact that CFD trading is free of cost as there are no or little commission fees.

The diversity of assets is a thing why I am asking you to join the broker. It is mentioned on the company’s site that one will be able to trade on 400 different kinds of symbols.

Why Select CFDAdvanced?

Let me give you a reason why you should select CFDAdvanced out of many brokers in the market. First, it is a secure broker that lets you invest money without any fear of losing money. The protection of funds is done using advanced artificial technology and state-of-the-art structure.

Second, the website is based on the principles of a user-centric approach, which makes it more charming for traders. The site is dynamic and easy-to-use as one can easily trade by following 2-3 simple steps.

Third, it is a famous place for CFD trading, and it beats its competitors in providing a versatile package of services. Besides CFD products, it also allows users to trade other renowned assets, including cryptocurrencies and Forex pairs.

Fourth, you will find it very exceptional in offering a wide range of payment payments options. Some countries allow few payment providers, while others ensure many payment options. That’s why it covers all types of payment options to deal with customers from all over the world.

These are the few things which I have mentioned for you as there are a lot of features which the company provides.

Sign-Up Process is Easy

One cannot directly trade with the firm as it is mandatory to sign-up first. The procedure of sign-up or registration is trouble-free as a user will only need to write personal information in the filling boxes given on the sign-up page. This information is not very sensitive or too much personal; rather, you just need to provide your first name, last name, country of residence, phone number, and email. In the end, the creation of a strong password is also necessary, which would secure your account from any kind of hacking attack. Once you create the account, the next time, you just need to put information in the login box and enter the site. If you find any trouble during the sign-up process, you can connect with the trading site’s support team.

Fund Your Account

In real life, you can’t do business without putting money into it. Similarly, one cannot do trading successfully without adding funds into the wallet of a broker firm. For funding, it has provided several payment options; select a payment option and add funds without delay. There are no commissions on adding money into the wallets of the website, which inspire many traders to join it. The more you add funds to the website, the more you earn the profit on investment. There is no option of demo trading, so it is mandatory to put funds before trading on its website.

Trading Accounts

Trading accounts help you make a better trader with their different avenues and facilities. You will not confront a single trading account, as there are many accounts that need to be discussed in this review. These trading accounts include Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, Diamond account, and VIP account. These accounts are sequenced based on their limitations and features, as Silver deals with beginners while VIP deal with premium investors. Following is the information about these accounts.


Silver Account

This is the first investment you will see on the CFDAdvanced platform. Traders must have 10,000 to open the account, which is, however, less as compared to other account types. With the Silver package, the users will be offered 1:20 leverage, which is a charming offer for beginner traders. A senior broker is also at the service of users who assist in making decisive actions in the trading process. What’s more, a bonus of 20% is fixed for this account type. Besides these two options, facilities of the standard trading room and platform walkthrough are also available. The basic account is the best option to learn how to trade objects.

Gold Account

The gold account opens with 25,000, which is a larger amount than the previous one. It has more things, such as high leverage and bonus. The owners of this account type will have access to 1:40 leverage and a bonus of up to 40%. Similarly to the Silver account, it also equips users with a senior broker, technical education, and trading room availability. I will recommend this type of account to those who have a enough knowledge about the trading universe.

Platinum Account

The platinum account is best for medium-range investors who want to play in the middle- neither too large nor too small. In order to open the Platinum account, one must have at least 100,000 in his bank. With the big investment, the owners of the Platinum account will be able to claim 1:60 leverage. What’s more, the users will be able to achieve a 40% bonus right after opening the account. In order to learn about trading, the company has given users access to technical and fundamental education.

Diamond Account

To open the Diamond account, 250,000 is necessary as one cannot do further with this account without adding the amount. People who are willing to join this investment plan can enjoy 1:100 leverage. In the creation of a versatile and profitable portfolio, a top broker will help traders and investors. The limit of the bonus has increased to 80% for the Diamond account. This account is for rich persons, as features are also rich in nature.

VIP Account

The funding limit fixed for the VIP account stands at 500,000, which is a big amount. The holders of the VIP account will be able to access 1:150 leverage. Here, not only one broker person will help the traders but a special team of brokers aid clients. The bonus on the VIP account has expanded to 120%. Furthermore, the stakeholders of the investment plan will also have access to technical and fundamental education and a premium trading room. I will recommend VIP account to those who are highly trained people.

Free Access to Trading Room

I have mentioned earlier that it is not designed like other brokers in the market, but it is built by focusing on the customers’ needs and requirements. The trading room is the place where traders place orders; buy and sell instruments. Without even registering with the website, you can visit the page of the trading room. It is beneficial for beginner traders who are in their learning stages. On the other hand, its competitor brokers are not going to show their trading rooms by adding funds. On many things, CFDAdvanced has leverage on other brokers, thanks to its dedicated and diligent team. Here, you can easily learn how to place sell and buy orders.

CFDAdvanced trading room

KYC and AML Policies

In order to regulate with the regulators, it has made every attempt, such as the implementation of KYC and AML policies. Once you become aware of the CFDAdvanced, you will get addicted to it due to its charming features. KYC and AML policies are highly important in order to curb the scam activities taking place in the online world. The international bodies dealing with money laundering have made it necessary for all trading companies to comply with these policies.

With know your customer (KYC), the firm only knows basic information about you, such as name and country of residence, in order to align themselves with rules and guidelines set by the concerned regulatory authorities. Similarly, it also applies anti-money laundering (AML) policies in order to avoid money laundering as the activities related to money laundering have increased in recent years. Still, the company has not witnessed any money-laundering event. On the other hands, a lot of companies have been attacked by law enforcement agencies for helping people in money laundering. For money laundering, CFDAdvanced also demands some documents, which are required for your security.

Experienced Staff

The staff team of CFDAdvanced is highly experienced as the company’s success depends on the staff’s hard work. People witness that support agents and account managers give their best in giving their services. The hard work of CFDAdvanced pays off as it is one of the leading brokers out there. At the support desk, the support agents remain active 24-hours a day to listen to users’ queries and give their solutions on time. My experience with the support agents was very wonderful, as my issue was resolved instantly. The website is also founded by an experienced team of developers and traders.

User Interface of CFDAdvanced

The broker’s interface is defined so that users will not face any problem during the operations. It makes users comfortable when they are trading a wide range of assets on the platform. The friendly and dynamic nature of the CFDAdvanced’s user interface makes it popular in traders and investors’ ranks. When you search the name of the broker in the search box, you will land on its homepage. On the homepage, users will find all the information about the trading firm’s top features and services. It is easy to use platform for both beginners and professional traders, who always rely on the user interface. Furthermore, the user interface is integrated and everything is positioned in a right way.

Focus on Privacy

Privacy of users is also an important question, which needs to be asked before making an account with any trading platform. The privacy of users should not be violated as it is the most important asset of a person. Protecting the privacy of people is one of the major responsibilities of CFDAdvanced’s team. It is being reported in the online world that most companies sell data in exchange for money. The US lawmakers have filed various cases against many notable companies because these companies have shared the consumers’ data with a third party. But this is not a case with the CFDAdvanced as it protects the personal information of customers. No user of CFDAdvanced has ever registered complaint about users’ privacy manipulation, which shows that it is the best trading place out there without any flaw.

Advanced Analyzing Tools

For smooth trading, the firm has listed a wide list of advanced analyzing tools. These tools are basically developed to assist traders in maximizing their earning potential. With these tools, one can earn more money, doubled than an average person. These tools are only available on CFDAdvanced’s platform along with many other facilities. Tools help in predicting the future price values of the assets, which are really helpful in making a pile of money. The technical indicators also guide people in making high returns on investment as they accurately predict the future. Traders do technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis before trading in assets. Technical analysis deals with tools and indicators which predict the future price based on the past data. On the other hands, fundamental analysis deals with the news and important happenings in the trading world which directly impact the price values of trading objects.

Customer Support Service

The customer support service of CFDAdvanced is highly functional as it caters to customers’ needs on time. The trading journey of traders become easy and secure when customer support agents assist users. The only duty of the customer support agents is to serve users and give them mental satisfaction when they land on the site.

In case of any trouble, you can connect with its support team. First of all, go into the “Contact US” section, where you will find several boxes. In these boxes, you will write your full name, email, subject, phone number, and message. Once you write information, press the “submit” button, and your message will reach the company’s support team. They have also given an email address: You will receive the reply of the agents as soon as possible.

Security Level of CFDAdvanced

In terms of security and safe nature, CFDAdvanced has won the hearts of users as they are satisfied with the security measures provided by the trading firm. The website is guarded by the security walls, which are established by the professional developer team. Once you make your way into the trading space, CFDAdvanced will take you to the new highs. To date, it has not confronted any kind of security or cyberattack, which builds trust in the hearts of people who are already enjoying the trading services.

The funds of users are protected with high-security standards, which are unable to break by hackers or any other criminal entity. It takes care of the KYC and AML policies which protect the platform from uneven events. Such things have made CFDAdvanced a leading firm in the world of brokers.


CFDAdvanced is the best trading place comprising of top-rated trading functionalities. With the help of CFDAdvanced, you can become a wealthy person as a result of trading objects, including CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and Forex pairs. The more you use the platform, the more you love it.