El Zonte is a beach in El Salvador occupied by the most struggling part of the population. Most of the people living on the coast live from hand to mouth and have no jobs or any other professional ventures available at their disposal. The majority of the population in this region does not own a bank account or any means of assets.

However, July has been marked as the month that has seen many developments and economic transformation work going on in the said region. Meanwhile, many Bitcoin-based enterprises are coming to establish their branch offices and headquarters in the said region. For many, El-Zonte is cast into the role of a protagonist who dares to resist economic injustice and participate in one of the most critical experiments in human history.

Central American Bank Representative Defends El Salvador’s Openness Towards Bitcoin

CNN reporter Julia Chatterley is always in the news for one controversial reason or the other. This time around, she is the trolling target for the members of the Bitcoin community who are in support of the latest El Salvador transition. She invited Dante Mossi, a representative from the Central American Bank for economic integration.

Mossi is working nowadays as the intermediary between the government of Salvador and the US Department of Treasury. He is the expert authority who is making important decisions that are crucial to the El Salvador Experiment. When Chatterley asked Mossi that have the people of Salvador considered that there could be better options? He hilariously responded that she needs to join the Bitcoin Book Club to update her software.

Monica Taher is the head of international economic and technological affairs in El Salvador. She shared a photograph with the business delegation from Zimbabwe. The crypto enterprise Kuva who prepares the Kuvacash wallet for digital currency has decided to open up its sixth branch office in El Salvador and introduced a $10 million investment.

Kuva has offices in cities like Zimbabwe, UK, Germany, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. In another tweet, Taher shared the first look at the Bitcoin ATMs prepared in El Salvador for the upcoming Bitcoin transition.