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The Forex College has made an assessment of Coinibank for you today and we have concluded in our Coinibank review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with Coinibank trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

Coinibank Review

Coinibank websiteIn the online trading world, there are many opportunities to earn money, but you have to grip the right things at the right time. Currently, trading assets is a trendy thing and the right time to enter the markets. But to start with trading with tradable instruments, you need a platform where you can easily trade all kinds of assets available on the planet. There are hundreds of such places which claim to be the best brokerage sites for trading. But there are only a few trusted brokers, such as Coininbank. In the following section, you will read the Coinibank review in detail and find it one of the best trading platforms.

One should be aware of the illicit activities happening in the online world. For instance, some trading companies claim that they are authentic sites for trading, but they are not. Instead, they take away the hard-earned money of people. There are many people out there who have become victims of such activities in one way or the other. In order to remain safe from such kinds of things, you should do research and be alert before opening an account with a trading platform.

What Do You Need To Know About Coinibank?

I have mentioned earlier that it is crucial to know the broker before opening an account with that site. In this review, I will outline the necessary detail about Coinibank that will help you gain information about the broker. Based on its top-notch functions and facilities, it is now considered among the best trading brokers that offer a wide range of assets for trading. Everything is perfect on the site, and one will not face any kind of issue while trading instruments with the site.

It is a regulated and authorized trading broker that lets you trade hundreds of assets whose reputation in the markets is high. The customer support section and staff members of the company are outclassing.

Dynamic and User-Friendly User Interface

The first interaction of a user with a site is usually done with the interface, which should be good. If a person does not get a good impression from the interface, he would definitely leave the site instead of opening an account with the site. To make a good impression in the minds of new users, a company should create an interface, which should be easy and efficient.

Coinibank has created the user interface by keeping in mind the requirements and needs of investors or traders. Moreover, it is designed in such a manner that beginners also feel professionalism when using the site for trading. It is well equipped with the necessary information that helps people in navigating things. When you land on the broker’s homepage, you find all the basic things needed to start a trading voyage with the broker. Professional and newcomers could easily create an account and start the trading process with easy to use and dynamic interface.

Coinibank trading platform

Professional Staff Members

The people who are running the Coinibank are well educated and professional. Even the foundation of the broker was laid down by a group of experienced traders and developers. All of the staff members are friendly and hardworking, which have made the company a top broker in the trading world. The designing of easy to go interface became possible due to the dedication and hard work of the developers who developed it. What’s more, they incorporated advanced and state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in the building of the site. The team members sitting at the customer service desk bring innovative and quick solutions to customers’ questions and queries. Due to the pure dedication of the support team, the broker is popular in the ranks of traders due to its highly functional customer support desk.

Access to Six Different Account Types

Coinibank has allowed its customers to access six different account types, which increase the respect of the firm in people’s hearts. Once you make your way into the site, your heart will not ask you to leave the platform as it has charming investments plans for investors who belong to different classes of life in terms of money. My personal experience with Coinibank was very good as I have enjoyed the process of trading on Coinibank’s bank platform. Following is the list of six account types, along with their features and functionalities.

Basic Account

Trading is a difficult thing as full knowledge of the industry is required to proceed with the procedure of online trading. It is a very foolish thing that newcomers, who have very little knowledge about the field, invest heavy money in trading. Instead, a newcomer should learn the things about it before diving deeply into the brokerage firm. So, for beginners, Coinibank has introduced the Basic account, which has limited things. The basic account can be opened with just $250, which is a little money. For learning purpose, one should select this as the loss of $250 is not a big deal. Due to the low investments range, the facilities are also limited. For example, when a user opens this account, he can get a bonus of up to 20%. An account manager is also present to help users in the trading process.

Standard Account

In order to go with the standard account, one must have at least $2500 in his bank account. The bonus prize on opening an account is increased to 25%, while the users will also be able to enjoy support services 24/5, an extraordinary facility. The education centre is here to help out people who are going through the difficult career of the online trading business. One facility is added in the form of trading alerts, which really help in guessing the future price values of instruments.

Silver Account

If you want to go with the silver package, you first need to submit at least $5,000 in the site wallet. After submitting the required amount, you are ready to go with the account as services are unlocked. First of all, you must know that the bonus amount has increased to 30%, which is a lucrative incentive. Here, users will enjoy the services of a senior account manager instead of an account manager. Along with trading alerts, account holders will also have access to live webinars, which impart greater knowledge than theoretical written information.

Gold Account

The title of the investment package shows that it has more VIP features than the previous ones in all avenues. On the gold account, the bonus amount is fixed at $40% of the deposit, which is enough to catch the attention of traders. With expert analyst trading sessions, you would get more knowledge than anything else. On withdrawal of money, there are no commissions at all as the information is written under the title of the account. Facilities of live webinars and trading alerts are also available. The educational centre imparts premium strategies to newcomers as well as professional investors. One, who is thinking about creating the gold account, must ready $10,000 in order to unlock the account services.

Platinum Account

As the Platinum package features have increased, the minimum deposit limit has also surged to $25,000. Similarly, the bonus on the Platinum account has also increased to 50%. At the end of the information given under the account title, it is written that owners of the platinum account will enjoy VIP services. Expert analyst trading sessions will further sharpen your senses in trading, which in turn, are necessary to earn a lucrative return on investment. Similarly to the previous account type, there are withdrawal fees for platinum account holders.

VIP Account

As the title of the account unveils that all services offered with VIP account are premium in nature, the investors who are joining it are also professional. This account is only for professional traders who know how to play big and earn big while implementing risk management strategies. The VIP account services include daily personal trading sessions, 24/5 support, a 50% welcome bonus, zero withdrawal fee, free saving account, VIP services, expert analyst trading sessions, live webinars, trading alerts, and an education centre.

Coinibank trading accounts

Saving Account Types

Coinibank also lets its users take benefits of the saving accounts, which are only complied with four trading account types, including silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. The saving accounts are valid for six months, twelve months, and twenty-four months.

Compliance Nature of Coinibank

Coinibank is also famous for its compliance nature as it has followed all policies, which are necessary to block illicit activities in the online world. Many reports unveiled that scammers use online trading platforms to launder money from one country to another. And even many funding members of the brokers are officially involved in this illegal act. But this is not the case with Coinibank as it has made all of its policies clear regarding the legal framework. First of all, you should know that Coinibank is a complied broker from a reputed authorized regulatory framework. Second, it follows policies such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) policies. If a company follows the AML policy in a true sense, the chances of money laundering decreased to a great extent. Coinibank is a trusted site for instrument trading as it has complied with AML policy, and it does not let any entity to engage in illegal activities on the broker platform. Similarly, the site also ensures that users provide information in order to satisfy know your customer policy.

Along with AML and KYC policies, the company has made sure of a bonus policy and privacy policy. The bonus or leverage policy has outlined the necessary terms and conditions to grab a bonus at the time of account creation. Similarly, in the privacy policy, the site mentioned which information will be asked when a user tries to register with Coinibank.

Variety of Assets

It allows customers to trade a variety of assets, such as Forex pairs, CFDs, saving accounts, and many other things. What’s more, it enables users to bet on several trading instruments at the same time.

On Coinibank’s trading platform, you will find a lot of Forex trading pairs that have a good reputation in the market in terms of giving a high return on investment. By trading these Forex pairs, one will be able to earn a high amount in the form of profit. During the trading procedure, account managers of the site also help traders in decision-making and create a versatile portfolio comprising various assets.

The facility of crypto trading is also enlisted on the site as the world’s famous cryptocurrencies are available for trading on Coinibank’s site. These crypto-assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tezos, Cardano, Ripple, Litecoin, and many others. Cryptocurrency is the future of the finance industry as the traditional finance sector has greatly suffered by the Coronavirus pandemic, but the crypto industry, on the other hand, has grown in market cap. When Bitcoin claimed its all-time high of $58,000, the global cryptocurrency market cap reached $1.5 trillion, a big amount that was not even imagined when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. Many crypto supporters even believe that the top digital asset’s market capitalization would cross gold’s cap in coming years as retail and institutional players are getting entered into the industry at an exponential speed.

Coinibank also lets users bet on the stocks of best-performing companies. When you delve into the platform, you will be granted access to a wide range of stocks. The variety in stocks could let you earn and fill your bank accounts. The listed stocks have a track record of success and will let you become a wealthy investor. The company’s educational centre trains traders on how to pick stocks and when to trade these stocks. Thus, with the right education and training, people can make a lot of money.

Precious metals, such as gold, are also waiting for you on the platform of Coinibank. Precious metals ‘trading is not a new thing as it started hundreds of years ago when there was no concept of money. Out of all precious metal, gold captured the attention of investors who were looking for a hedge investment against rising inflation and fiat money devaluation. Gold’s current market cap stands at $10 trillion as the world top investors have their investment in the gold bullion as it is the best hedge instrument that prevents inflation.

CFD is another product supported by the broker for trading. CFD trading is highly speculative, which means there is a high risk of losing money, and at the same time, there is a chance of a high return on investment.

Support Services

The broker’s customer support section is highly functional, meaning users get a prompt response from staff members serving the support desk. There is a section entitled “support” on the upper portion of the site dedicated only to helping users in their trading journey. A comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked question) is pasted, where one can get answers to the most important questions. The support staff is highly professional and experienced in giving support services to traders and investors across the world. They have also given an email if someone wants to connect with the support team via email.

Are Funds Safe On Coinibank?

Once you deposit funds on the platform, your money will be guarded by the advanced software protocol incorporated by the broker’s professional team. For your kind information, the customers’ money remain in the segregated accounts which increase the security standards of the site. If a company is attacked by a hacker, the funds in the segregated accounts will remain untouched. Coinibank has utilized the same strategy of putting funds in separate accounts so that users will not face any problem when it comes to money. Based on customers’ feedback and my personal touch with the broker, I assure you that it is a regulated broker.

Is It Legit Broker?

No one can raise a question about the legitimacy of Coinibank as everything about its legal procedure is mentioned on the website. It is also written there that it complies with the regulatory authority that assures that traders’ funds will remain safe and sound on the platform. The community has not witnessed that it has ever become the victim of a hacking attack. Rather, it has a strong reputation as a legit broke because it served customers so well. The customers’ feedback shows that they have not yet seen any irregularity with the broker. I advise you to make an account with it as my personal experience with it was good. What’s more, people, who are in this field for many years, count it in the most secured and legit brokers out there.


In the end, I would only say that Coinibank is made only for people who are passionate about building a career in the trading world. Its top-notch features would win your heart, and you would not leave it at any cost. Through Coinibank, you can access a wide range of assets, including Forex, CFDs, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and many other trading instruments.