Fintech stocks seem to attract stock market investors today. However, this might be a usual thing in a society adopting Cashless transaction methods gradually.

Best Fintech Stocks For Now

  • Square Inc
  • Visa Inc
  • Apple Inc

Square Inc

Square, a financial service firm, opens the list. The firm provides payment services, enabling sellers to operate and expand their businesses. Square integrates hardware with software to allow sellers to use computing and mobile devices to facilitate selling and payments. The company plays a crucial role in today’s economy, empowering individuals to opt for its payment solutions. 

Over last month, Square reported higher Q1 profits. The firm had its gross profit at $964 million, a 79% increase every year. At the same time, its Cash App claimed $495 million, a 171% surge yearly. Nevertheless, the company’s revenue stood at 55.06 billion in Q1, a 266% yearly increase.

Visa Inc

Visa is a financial firm that allows international business via the sending of info and value between participants. The company enables electronic money transfers worldwide, commonly via Visa-branded debit, credit, and prepaid cards. Since last year, V stock surged by more than 20%.

Visa partnered with Airwallex to introduce Airwallex Borderless Card for Hong Kong businesses. Visa tries to meet the increasing demand for currency cards as companies opt for a modern way of transacting and controlling their finances. Keep in mind that the firm allies with Goldman Sachs for businesses across the globe to transact seamlessly. With all those considerations, could you invest with V stock?

Apple Inc

Apple, the tech giant, sums up our list. Essentially, the company design, manufacture and sell personal computers, communication devices, and portable music players. You might have heard some of Apple products like iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and others. Moreover, the firm has software apps like Apple Pay that clients can use to access the financial market. Apple Pay allows cashless payments. More than 75% of restaurants and stores in the United States support Apple Pay. Also, Coinbase plans to accept Google Pay and Apple Pay services.

You can consider the above fintech stocks today