The blockchain platform Ethos, based in Singapore, is restoring its system under the name “Ethos 2.0”. It is recovering the platform’s fundamental design, which guarantees client security and clarity. 

The rebranding of its platform to Ethos 2.0 has been announced by the company managers quite recently. Ethos is a superior crypto trading platform that integrates several digital assets trading documentation, commercial organizations, and schemes. This offers an alternate to the conventional cryptocurrency market and a simple way to start using cryptocurrencies.

By reflecting the value proposition of the original spirit and establishing the business “the right way,” the brand-new service is going to, in the words of the report, fulfill the long-term promises of Voyager. The latter was a cryptocurrency brokerage company, and Ethos purchased it for a price of $4 million in February 2019. 

The new system details

Users of Ethos 2.0 are given fully personalized personal pages on the exchange framework, allowing them to manage and secure their own finances independently of a third party. Additionally, Ethos is assisting inexperienced De-Fi users who are deterred by the complexness of some applications and the challenge of switching to a self-storage method. 

With the rebranding, the company is going to supply network users with a variety of products and a coherent self-storage method, regardless of their prior DeFi industry experience. With Magic Keys, a secure key backup solution, Ethos enables users to experiment with self-management without sacrificing security. 

Magical Ethos Key

The service also aims to give users the chance to investigate self-management without giving in. When users want to trade on the platform, they can essentially create their own keys. The user can then download the encoded variant, reply to a few safety questions, and finish the certification process if they lose the password. 

Users can benefit from several other functions that can really change their crypto-trading experience. In order to support the users that were impacted by the Voyager bankruptcy, the company might offer them several additional bonuses. The affected person must complete a number of steps before they can receive the airdrop, including sending an email to claim for validation.