Chipotle is a Mexican fast food restaurant and chain that is currently dabbling its feet in the cryptocurrency market mania. The fast food company has decided to allow its investors and consumers to get a chance to earn tons of cryptocurrency rewards and encourage them to buy from the dip. According to the latest marketing campaign, the company is handing out $200K digital currencies.

To this end, the consumers are sure that placing an order at Chipotle will be able to earn cryptocurrency giveaways like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, Avalanche, and others. All the consumers need to do is to get on board with their online gaming platform.

The latest announcement by Chipotle has encouraged consumers to participate in an exclusive game called to buy the dip and eat the dip. The price has been distributed in the form of $45K worth of Bitcoin, $10K ETH, $13K SOL, $14K AVAX, and $14K DOGE. The management of Chipotle claimed that the organization is planning to uplift its brand among the next generation.

The Twitter account of Chipotle managed to get a lot of traction by posting about a free cryptocurrency giveaway for their users. Chris Brandt, the Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle, claimed that the company could benefit by integrating its services with the Web 3 gaming sector. Chipotle has already awarded a $100K Bitcoin reward in April during its National Burrito Day campaign.

Chipotle Allows Customers to Buy Products Using Crypto 

Chipotle management has been taking an important part in introducing cryptocurrencies to the masses. The company announced last month that it would accept 98 cryptocurrencies as payment across 98 branches in the United States. Burger King, one of the big fast food franchises in the country, has also adopted the crypto marketing model.

Last year, Burger King joined hands with Robinhood and arranged a crypto giveaway that included Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, among other currencies. Meanwhile, Mcdonald’s in China also used lottery winnings for 188 NFTs to celebrate its 31st anniversary. On the other hand, many commercial organizations in the United States are filing for trademarks and patent applications before introducing their exclusive Metaverse applications.