Finexro is a top-notch trading platform featuring a wide range of investment products, including cryptocurrency, Forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and saving accounts. However, it is a competitive trading site for digital assets as it also offers leverage trading as well as long and short trading for Bitcoin. It is serving the community of traders since 2018 and has a broad user base coverage in more than 150 countries. The users will take benefit from high liquidity and ultra-fast order execution. Finexro is responsible to ensure high security, liquidity, and offering of a feasible trading place for traders.

Unlike other trading brokers, Finexro is known for execution of a high number of orders per second and does not put extreme load during the trading process. Its robust technology is equally beneficial for both beginners as well as professional traders.

Trading Products

If we make a review of its range of traded products, we come to know that it covers all types of investment products. The traded products include cryptocurrencies, indices, Forex, stocks, commodities, and saving accounts. The useful thing is that it assists people in designing a perfect portfolio comprising of profitable traded products. Competitors of Finexro cannot compete with it in trading features and services. I will tell you in a brief about every listed traded product.


Finexro is very popular in giving exceptional crypto trading services, which you will not find in any other place. All top cryptocurrencies are listed, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). For users, who are interested in cryptocurrency, the facility of leverage trading is also unlocked. Leveraged trading is only for the world’s leading digital asset called Bitcoin. Similarly, Finexro has also offered long/short positions for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Finexro also acts as the best Forex platform, which provides users’ access to a wide range of currency pairs. In daily trading sessions, the market volume reached above $4 trillion, which shows its vastness where traders find unlimited trading opportunities. Currency trading is very common among the trading community because it can offer a great return in a short period of time. Currency pairs against all important fiats are present. If you have no knowledge about Forex, an education package can train you in the field. There is volatility in the Forex markets, but not more than cryptocurrency and its nature of volatility is beneficial for both newcomers and experienced traders.


Since the inception of online stocks trading, thousands of people got rich after investing in stocks of companies. Over Finexro’s platform, stocks of prominent companies and firms are listed, which could help people in getting unlimited profit. If you want to rich, you should know about profitable entities in the stock market, which could result in high profit. Users of the brokerage firm will have the freedom to select their favorite company stocks out of the unending list of stocks.


Trading an index is similar to the trading of a stock or commodity except it only predicts price value without actually investing in underlying assets. Indices fall and rise after a collection of stocks move up and down. However, indices are relatively volatile in nature as compared to stocks, but it can make you rich if you have deep knowledge about indices’ markets. With the drop of indices, the whole markets present a bearish picture and warn you about the next coming trend in the markets. World-leading indices are available for trading over Finexro’s site, and one can pick out his favorite index for investment.


Commodity trading has been going on for the past several years and has a long history as compared to other investment products. It works similarly to stock trading, but in it, one can buy and sell physical things, such as gold, rather than buying shares of firms. In a catalog of unlimited commodities, one can put capital over a particular asset, which he thinks to be profitable in the future. The education package of Finexro can make you professional in the commodity trading space after giving exposure to top techniques and strategies common in the industry.

Saving Account

Finexro takes lead from other trading companies in offering a reliable service of saving accounts. Often, an investment over a saving account is less risky, but it also offers less profit as a result. It is a short term investment which traders use to buy things such as a house or a car. You can also earn a high profit after investing in a saving accounts offered by the company. People who want to put an additional investment can find a saving account the best deal.

Five Trading Accounts

In order to satisfy the needs and requirements of all types of traders, Finexro comes with five different account types having different specialties. On the basis of specialties, the deposit and withdrawal limits are different. For instance, the basic trading investment plan has minimum features because its deposit limit is low, which is specially developed for people who cannot afford to invest money in a large amount. But the premium plan has unlimited functionalities and options because it is made for those investors who want to play big and want to earn profit in millions of dollars.

According to Finexro, all four account types will receive basic exceptional services including online support chat, demo account, segregated bank account, STP dealing desk, access to all trading platforms, maximum leverage of 1:30, professional account leverage of 1:200, 50% stop out level, access to online education center, webinars, seminars, and variable spread of 0.1 pip. Moreover, the company has announced that funds of all clients will be kept in segregated accounts. I will introduce you to five account types one by one with a brief introduction. You will get further information about a particular account after opening the investment plan.  You should be kept in mind that the expiry date of discounts and trading commission is only 14 days. Moreover, trading platform, MetaTrader4 is present for owners of all accounts types for both web-based version and mobile app.

Bronze Account

This is the first and primary account type you will get an introduction after landing over the Finexro’s site. According to the information given over the page, the minimum deposit level for deposits is 200, but to start the trading journey with the Bronze account, a user must have at least 5,000 to unlock the respective investment plan. On a trial period, a relationship manager hired by the company will provide services in the trading process. Similarly, a holder of the Bronze account will enjoy the central daily newsletter and trading central premium signals on a temporary basis but not a permanent basis. What’s more, the users will get only one session of private one to one trading academy. According to the mentioned detail about the Bronze account, an option of trading commission standard is also available.

Silver Account

Silver account stands at the second spot after the Bronze account and comes with more trading opportunities than the previous one. Here, the relationship manager will not provide services on a trial period but on a permanent basis. Similarly, the option of the trading central daily newsletter is unlocked on a permanent basis. But the facility of trading central premium signals is only for a trial period. Finexro is offering three trading sessions of a private one to one trading academy for Silver account holders. Moreover, functionalities of Cryptenix Investments and trading commission standards are available. For the opening of Silver investment, a user must deposit at least 10,000 in the segregated account of the company.

Gold Account

With the Gold account, the investors will have permanent access to relationship manager, trading central daily newsletter, and trading central premium signals. Unlike the Silver account, the customers of the Gold account will be able join the four sessions of a private one to one trading academy. Traders are also allowed to access the event room as but only one event in a month. Similarly, traders will also get benefit from two sessions of private trading in a month. Per the information of the company, a 10% discount is available as a trading commission. What’s more, the owners of the Gold account will get SMS trading notifications. To open the Gold account, a user must deposit at least 50,000 to activate the services.

Platinum Account

After activating the account and adding 100,000 into the segregate account offered by Finexro, the users can enjoy the full range of trading services and features provided with the Platinum account. These services include access to relationship manager, trading central premium signals, trading central daily newsletter, eight sessions of private one to one trading academy, four private trading sessions, access to event room, an option of SMS trading notifications, cryptenix investments (Mirror Trader and RoboX), and trading commission up to 23% discount. The traders are not allowed to enjoy the VIP services, which are only opened for premium customers, who invest in millions of dollars.

Premium Account

To open the premium account, an investor must have at least 250,000. It comprises all trading features of the previous trading accounts. In addition to that services, it has provided a VIP services on a trial period.

VIP Program

About the VIP Program, the company has not delivered much information but only mentioned the title of the “VIP Program.” As the name suggests, it is offering VIP services but only to those who want to join it. Due to its premium features and characteristics, the minimum deposit limit for it is also high. After joining the program, you will get the information in detail about it. However, you can contact the support team of Finexro to get information about the “VIP Program.” It is for those people who want to play big and can take a risk and want to earn money in millions of dollars in a time of days and weeks.


There are a few trading platforms in the market that offer the facility of education for traders and investors. The major goal of the education section is to train newcomers with advanced techniques and strategies of trading so that they can earn profit in thousands of dollars. When we go into a dedicated portion for education, we see three sub-sections, including market news, TipRanks, and Economic Calendar. In market news, people will find the latest fundamental news of the market. The news can be related to different markets, including cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, commodities, and saving accounts.  It is very important to know about the major happenings in the markets, and the section of market news is serving this purpose. The economic calendar will update you about the upcoming major events in the financial news. If a user gets a clue about the future situation he can make more money by avoiding risk factors. So, it is the major goal of Finexro to equip traders and investors, newscomers and professional, with the latest tricks and strategies of the trading space with the help of proper education.

Trading Tools

Without access to proper and feasible trading tools, a trader cannot perform well while making trades. Trading tools and indicators draw a clear picture of the incoming future by using the past recorded data and previous market trends. And one cannot become a successful trader without proper knowledge of popular and effective tools and indicators. The trading tools of Finexro include long/short trading, Bitcoin leverage, cryptocurrency price charts, forex price charts, and index price charts.

As cryptocurrency is known for its high volatile nature, it becomes difficult to predict future trends without knowing about the historical data. With the cryptocurrency price charts provided by Finexro, users can make successful predictions about the immediate future, and on the basis of historical data, traders can make a handsome amount of profit from the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Forex markets are also volatile but not more than cryptocurrency markets, and traders need some help in making decisions about Forex pairs. To compensate for this gap, the company has also deployed forex price charts, which tell a lot about changing trends of a particular currency. Based on its past trend, people can make the right decisions for the future. Following cryptocurrency and Forex, it has also deployed index price charts. An index represents a collection of stocks. So, a correct prediction of an index could tell a lot about all stocks lying under an index.

Why Trade with Finexro?

According to the company, Finexro is an award-winning trading platform that offers top-notch trading services to investors throughout the world. With robust and advanced technology, it ensures premium quality stuff for users. As a registered and compliant trading place for investment products, both beginners and professionals can find unlimited opportunities over the platform. With low fees and fast orders executions, users can make a handsome amount of profit. In security and privacy, it has made its name in the leading trading brokers. According to users’ comments about Finexro, we can say that it is the best trading platform that offers services of prominent investment products, such as cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, commodities, and saving accounts.

Customer Care Section

Holders of all accounts enjoy exceptional services of customer care and are fully satisfied with the customer support of Finexro. Customer agents serve 24/7 and respond to the queries and questions of users. And it is the success of the company that traders are fully satisfied with customer services. One can contact the support team of the Finexro in three different ways. First, you can dial the provided number for queries. To ask any question about trading, you can dial the number: +442080893035, while for customer support, you can contact at +442038076932. With the second option, you can contact the support email which is the following: In the third option, you can send a message to the support team with personal information as well as your queries.

Is it a Safe Trading Site?

Based on my personal experience and exposure to the site, I am able to say that it is a trusted trading platform for trading multiple investment tools, including stocks, indices, cryptocurrency, commodity, and saving accounts. The trading company has deployed multi-layer security standards in order to protect users’ funds and information. The protection of customers’ funds is the major priority of Finexro, and to accomplish high standards of security, it has employed advanced technology.

The robust and disruptive technology deployed in the development of the platforms helps to prevent any kind of theft attack or cyberattack.  The users’ funds are safe and sound under multiple security layers. The broker not only ensures the security of funds, but it has also arranged necessary safety measures. According to active users and old customers of Finexro, it is a reliable and secure trading place.


With robust technology and offering of unlimited investment products, Finexro is a popular trading platform among traders and investors across the world. There are also very special features of the broker, such as access to a full education package and service of five different account types. Traders are fully satisfied with customer care and other trading services of the brokerage firm.