Ted Cruz is a Texas Senator and former presidential candidate. In a recent interview with Fox News, the veteran politician claimed that he has high hopes for Bitcoin. He further added that Bitcoin’s recent growth is visible and apparent. According to his observation, the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is due to the threat of inflation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of the USA has resorted to print more money and keep markets lubricated with stimulus checks.

Talking to the host Sean Hannity, Cruz claimed that a lot of commodities like lumber, property, fossil fuels, electricity units, and others had experienced a sudden and sharp price spike. It should be noted that the sudden injection of money into the market can result in a leapfrog for everyday item costs. While supporting the cause of Bitcoin, the senator also asked people to proceed with caution.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is at Odds with Senator Elizabeth Warren After her Anti-Bitcoin Remarks

At the June 9th Senate hearing, Senator Elizabeth Warren has some coarse words to say about the flagship cryptocurrency. The hearing was focused on the agenda of digital currency projects for the central bank. Warren claimed that Bitcoin is a go-to payment method for criminals and bad actors. She also called Bitcoin a lousy investment option. Referring to the volatility of Bitcoin, she claimed that it is like gambling and wild swinging.

Targeting the Bitcoin energy consumption issues once again, Warren claimed that one Bitcoin transaction requires as much energy as an entire household for a month. These comments did not sit well with Bitcoin enthusiast and proponent Jack Dorsey. Dorsey reportedly unfollowed Warren when her comments made it to social media platforms. Warren has also lost the favor of many Bitcoin proponents. Meanwhile, Dorsey has claimed that he could leave his companies to work solely on Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Says that Bitcoin is the Revival of Financial Opportunities for 8 Billion People

Before Ted Cruz was interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News, Michael Saylor was invited to speak on the forum. During the interview, Saylor claimed that Bitcoin provides opportunities for 8 billion people to own property. It should be noted that his firm MicroStrategy is planning to sell high-yield bonds to buy in more Bitcoin. The $500 million Junk bonds would offer a 6 percent annual profit and would be due in 2028. 

When was Saylor asked that why he prefers Bitcoin over Ethereum? Saylor responded that Bitcoin is the oldest and most secure crypto investment. A few days ago, Tim Wu, special legislative advisor to President Biden, also declared that he holds about 25% of his net worth in Bitcoin and Filecoin. On the other hand, former President Donald Trump claimed that Bitcoin is a scam and should be regulated strictly.