Marty Bent is an experienced investor who is also the founder of a cryptocurrency media organization that is dedicated to Bitcoin. Bent penned an article for Bitcoin Magazine recently where he addressed the matter of financial autonomy in detail. He started the article by quoting that having financial independence from the government is a big relief for any investor.

He further explained that such monetary autonomy is only possible with the help of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Bent further explained that the monopoly of Central Banking enterprises over the financial infrastructures has long gone against the interests of the financial investors.

During a series of tweets, Bent talked about how Bitcoin users can send and receive money independently without the intervention of the government.

Marty Bent Claims that Bitcoin’s Volatility is a Quality

Talking about the often criticized price volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bent claimed that the price volatility present in Bitcoin is a quality that indicates its natural investment affinity.

In another series of tweets, Bent claimed that Bitcoin users could send, receive, and save money by acting as a self-government monetary unit. He further explained that almost every centralized monetary system is designed to gain more and more control over its users.

However, Bitcoin is the type of network that grants greater financial independence to the individual investor. Bent talked about the ongoing bear market that saw Bitcoin market value dropping 50% since its ATH last year.

He claimed that under the bear marker pressure, the illegal activities users and the drug lords are coming out to expose themselves by dissolving their short-term positions.

He further claimed that speculators are trying to bring down the Bitcoin network by spreading questions about the store of value quality of Bitcoin in the face of its price volatility.

He claimed that such speculators are only showing a weakness of will and vision that prevents them from taking advantage of the long-term position. He emphasized that the utility of Bitcoin is far greater than just considerable monetary returns.

He also revealed that he owns 21 million Bitcoins in his crypto portfolio, showing his commitment and belief in the consolidation and stability of the token. It is worth noting that despite the massive price volatility, the number of Bitcoin accounts with more than 1 token has increased significantly in recent weeks, as per Glassnode projections.

According to Bent, the type of control Bitcoin provides its investors is still underrated quality that will become a crucial factor for greater adoption in the future.