Review ReviewIn today’s world, people have become dependent on the internet for everything. It is a fact that it has brought about a lot of conveniences in our lives and assists in a lot of things you have to do. While its benefits cannot be denied, neither can its risks. The internet is not regulated by any central authority and everyone is free to do their own thing. While this has certainly given people a lot of freedom to try new things, it has also provided opportunities to scammers and fraudsters to take advantage of people. Since the get go, there have been numerous stories of people getting defrauded and scammed online for one thing or another.

There are an array of scams that can take place, whether it is forex trading scams, crypto scams, binary options scams, online dating and even Nigerian scams. Not only can people lose their hard-earned money, but sometimes their identity is also stolen and used for nefarious purposes. It can get you into a lot of trouble in the long run, so you would obviously like some help. However, as mentioned above, there is no central authority that you can contact for complaining and getting any assistance in the matter.

This has prompted the introduction of funds recovery services that claim to help those who have been scammed in getting their money back from the malicious actors. You will find a number of such services online and they will make you some very big promises. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should take them at their word because there is a good chance that it can cost you more in the long run. Scammers can also pretend to be a recovery service and milk even more money out of you with the promise of helping you recover your funds.

It is a mistake you want to avoid and this is where you need to be wary of Funds Back LTD. Based in Israel, the company claims to help all those who have been victims of different kinds of online scams in recovering their funds. They say all the right things to tempt people to try their services, but this doesn’t mean they are legitimate. You need to be wary because this is just another sophisticated scam. How? Some of the problems with Funds Back are:

  • No way to check their experience

The first thing you will notice on Funds Back is that they claim to have experience in helping people with scam recovery. There are a lot of big statements they have made under the About Us section and also state that their employees are also experienced individuals. Yet, there is absolutely no information about when the company was established and how long they have been providing their services. They don’t give you any details about the kind of cases they have dealt with either, so you cannot tell if they have assisted with cases similar to yours.

  • No numbers or details provided

If a company has been doing something for some time and they have served other clients, it is understood that they will share some details of their achievements. An authentic scam recovery service would provide information about the different kinds of cases they have taken on behalf of their clients and the amount they have recovered in such cases. It is a way to give proof of everything they have accomplished. Yet, Funds Back’s website has no such information available at all. They expect their clients to simply take them at their word, which is tough to do, especially when you have already been scammed once.

  • No details about charges

Would you decide to buy something without knowing how much you have to pay for it? This simply doesn’t make sense for anyone. You probably have a budget for buying a product or a service and you would want to spend accordingly. The problem with Funds Back is that while they claim to offer you the initial consultation for free and charge fee for their recovery services, they have not given any details about the charges. How much will you have to pay?

There are absolutely zero details provided. They state that they have an upfront fee and then the remaining is payable upon recovery. But, no numbers or figures are provided, so you have no idea how much you would have to pay. This is certainly a risk because their charges could turn out to be more than what you want recovered. What would be the point of the whole exercise then?

  • No proper customer reviews

In today’s online world, how do you make up your mind about a product or a service? When you are doing your homework, it is understood that you would look at the customer reviews provided and they tend to play a very important role in your decision. After all, these reviews provide actual insight into the company and its services and can help you in making the right decision. With Funds Back, you will discover that their own website doesn’t have any reviews. When you do a search on the web, you do come across some reviews, but they immediately come off as paid.

How? All reviews about Funds Back are posted by individuals who don’t have any profile photo. Sure, a review or two in this way is understood, but the odds of every reviewer not using their photograph is highly unlikely nowadays. This indicates that fake accounts have been used for posting these reviews, which puts their authenticity into doubt. In addition, the reviews themselves are quite vague and not really convincing. They just cover the same content provided on the Funds Back website, so you don’t really learn anything personal about the customer’s experience.

Considering all these problems that Funds Back has, it is safe to say that you cannot trust the company and they are just another one of the tricky scams that can be found in the online world.