The very popular game developing company Ubisoft has partnered with the fantasy soccer game Sorare, which has become a sensation recently. This association planned to develop a fantasy game of soccer based on blockchain called One Shot League. Sorare is also a blockchain-driven platform where players trade cards. Ubisoft and the Belgian Pro League intend to release this new fantasy soccer league game’s beta version.

Specifications of One Shot League

Both parties involved in One Shot League’s development aim to engage fans from all over the world. The launching of the beta version will help the fans and players to get the idea of the game while the creators will get much-needed feedback from the users. 

One Shot League will be a fantasy league consisting of five-player teams. The free-to-play game will contain cards of soccer players from the Jupiler Pro League. There will be new teams selected each day for the competition as the best players and teams will top the leader board. The fantasy league will exhaust players as tactical skills, and game sense will be of extreme importance keeping in mind that each card can be utilized only once during the tournament. The selection of players judging by their performances is also crucial for the user to survive and rise in the fantasy league. StatsPerform by Opta displays the player’s actual performances, which can help select players and discover future talents. The CEO of One Shot League claims to be the first soccer league to accept and embrace the potential of Sorare’s technology in 2018. 

One Shot League also offers official Sorare cards for winners. The limited-edition cards will be tradable in both leagues. Furthermore, these cards can also enhance the success and progress of players in One Shot League. 

Blockchain Innovation

One Shot League players will use blockchain for trading cards. Blockchain and NFT’s will give freedom to players, and the digital cards will also be exchangeable in different market places. Ubisoft’s strategic innovation lab intends to use blockchain technology to bring more innovations to video games and the overall industry. 

The director of blockchain initiatives at Ubisoft believes that blockchain can be potentially useful for players as they will have a variety of opportunities to utilize their cards.