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The Forex College has made an assessment of Global CTB for you today and we have concluded in our Global CTB review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with Global CTB trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

Global CTB Review

Global CTB websiteWho still hasn’t heard of financial markets, and how much profit could be made there anyway? Even if you do not fully get how they operate, you’ve heard success tales of people who’ve made millions in various markets. However, most individuals are hesitant to join the trading craze because they believe that all these markets are reserved for a specific sort of person. Global CTB is a broker that specializes in different trading products, including virtual currencies, commodities, equities, products, and CFDs. Global CTB provides all of the instruments and functions to investors and traders in the virtual currency sector. Read the Global CTB review to know more about this brokerage firm.

You don’t need a lot of money to begin, and you also don’t need a lot of expertise or education. In reality, you may begin with a bit of investment and no prior knowledge or expertise. Indeed, you’ll need some expertise to manage these marketplaces, but there are no further requirements that you must satisfy.

Thanks to internet trading, many individuals all over the globe have also been able to attain financial freedom. The first and only thing you’ll need to get started is an online broker who will supply you with everything you need to trade. They give you access to financial resources, as well as new and more extraordinary trading tools that may allow you to make better-informed decisions.

Most of us are now aware of the worldwide phenomena of cryptocurrencies, regardless of their sector. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled Bitcoin to the public, and that he could never have guessed that he was making the ground for an entire market. They have now established themselves as a financial power to be contended with.

Even though cryptocurrencies have been around for several years, and it was not until 2017 that they indeed took off when Bitcoin surpassed the $19,500 mark, making many individuals billionaires in a matter of seconds. This has resulted in an inflow of traders, all of whom want a piece of this incredibly lucrative pie.

Millions of individuals desire to trade cryptocurrency to benefit from its unpredictability. You can accomplish this simply from comfort and privacy due to advances, and many other brokers on the market allow you to do it now. You may trade crypto online in the same way you can trade conventional products because firms are more than willing to help you.

A few of the services available in the marketplace have been there for an extended period. They have provided trading solutions for various products such as equities, foreign exchange, foreign currencies, commodities, and much more. There are even those which have only recently been established and are only focused on cryptocurrency.

It is preferable to use the 2nd option since they offer far more diversity than the older ones and include tools and features mainly designed for virtual trading currencies.

Global CTB trading platformThe good thing is that there’s been a slew of new crypto brokers emerged in the latest days, so you’ll have plenty of alternatives to pick from.

This makes it much easier to select the one you like, but knowing a few key facts about the company is the only way to sift through options. is the website of a one-of-a-kind crypto broker in the market, and it, like the others, guarantees to offer you the best trading possible experience.

Brief Review of Global CTB

Global CTB was founded in 2016 and has earned popularity for allowing its customers to trade in the cryptocurrency market and various other CFDs such as stocks, indexes, commodities, energy, and metals. Global CTB gives consumers a fantastic trading platform through which they may participate in the financial market.

Investors and traders will benefit from the trading network’s functions and functionalities, which will make their trading process quicker. Customers of this broker have various trading accounts alternatives, regardless of their trading skill level, whether they are novices or seasoned traders.

Traders also get accessibility to the broker’s comprehensive instructional tools, including videos, courses, charting, digital books, and much more.

A Diverse Set Of Crypto Choices

As previously said, Global CTB specializes in crypto trading; therefore, they’ve assembled a diverse set of crypto choices on their site. Rather than providing only a few options to its customers, the firm has made it a point to provide as much diversity as reasonably possible to protect its investments.

As previously said, the crypto industry has grown significantly in recent years, but there are many alternatives to choose from. When you join Global CTB, you’ll be eligible to trade not just the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ltc, as well as some less well-known yet successful options.

Bitcoin, DASH, Monero, Ripple, Neo, IOTA, and other cryptocurrencies are available on its trading platform. Furthermore, Global CTB thoroughly investigates each project before adding it to its portfolio. The goal is to guarantee that the alternatives they provide to their clients can create good earnings and are not untrustworthy or fraudulent initiatives.

Aside from cryptocurrencies, Global CTB also provides its customers with alternative investments like currency, equities, metals, and commodities, which may help diversify their investment portfolio.

Global CTB crypto choicesTrading platform

The trading platform is an important aspect to consider since it’ll have the most significant impact on the type of trading encounter you can have. If the platform isn’t up to par, you’ll have many issues even during the trading procedure and may wind up quitting your choice to trade due to the difficulties you’ll experience.

Since several former traders founded Global CTB, they understand the importance of this system and have created comprehensive trading solutions. Its Web Trader trading interface is simple to use, innovative, and engaging for its traders.

This implies an internet trading platform with unrestricted access to the financial market through your computer browsers. This platform does not require any installations, uploading, or upgrading since Global CTB has to keep it updated. To begin using the same browser, go to their websites. This gives you freedom since this works on any gadget with a browser, including Chrome Browser, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, etc.

You may use it to operate from your personal Computers, tablets, or intelligent applications at any moment and from everywhere. Furthermore, Global CTB has provided some of the best trading tools available, allowing it to assist traders in getting the most of their operations. With one-click trading, you may benefit from fast transaction completion.

Trade notifications are also available, and the ability to stay up to date on market trends and news, get bespoke indications and trade signals, and utilize advanced and live to chart.

Regulation and security

One crucial aspect of any broker to be aware of is their regulatory and protection standards. On the internet, there are fraudsters and scammers everywhere, and the trading world is no exception. The most straightforward approach to avoid them is to choose authorized and licensed organizations, as well as those who have implemented adequate security measures to protect their customers from being victims of identity theft.

You can do the same for Global CTB, especially if you’re planning on making it your long-term crypto trading companion. The best part is that Global CTB is a regulated platform, meaning it follows the regulations set out by finance regulatory agencies in the capital markets. This indicates that its rules and processes have been created to safeguard its consumers’ information, assets, and cash. The newest SSL encryption technology is utilized to ensure that data transfer between traders and the server is safe.

This is done to protect all data supplied to the firm from public scrutiny. Global CTB also has established security rules such as Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering. Firms must check their clients’ papers and identities under these regulations. The goal of putting these rules and regulations is to address terrorism, cyber-attacks, identity fraud, financial crimes, and other types of financial fraud that become all too frequent in today’s internet environment. Traders must produce documents for evidence of identification and proof of residency to ensure compliance with these regulations.

A scanned image of an Identity card, driver’s licence, or overseas passport can be sent for the former. The latter can be supplied by sending a phone bill, utility bill, bank statement, or telephone directory. If you intend to pay using your bank card through Global CTB’s platform, you may be asked to produce evidence of purchase.

In such a scenario, you must send front and reverse pictures of the card, with the Card details and the first 12 characters hidden on the rear, the front and, respectively.

Finally, when it comes to protecting customer funds, Global CTB has opted to observe the principles of accounts division. They’re stored in respected banking firms, and each client’s accounts are treated separately to avoid any misappropriation. All assets are set aside solely for trading purposes and are not utilized to meet any legal obligations. Client money is refunded to them all in the case of the firm’s closure or insolvency.

Multiple trading accounts are available

No brokers have the very same demands, just as no two trading platforms are all the same. They will all have distinct needs and expectations, which will vary depending on their level of skill, credit risk, and trading style. To make it easier for traders, most brokerages provide various trading accounts to assist customers in selecting one that meets their needs.

The same can be said about Global CTB, but their wide range of options sets them apart from the competition. Most brokers only provide three to four alternatives at most, however here you will discover six possibilities to consider:

Bronze takes the first spot on six distinct new investments due to its modest commitment requirement. However, it has limited capabilities, but they are helpful and essential in performing lucrative transactions.

If you have upwards of $5,500 in your accounts, the silver account will be waiting for you. It contains more features and functionalities than the previous version because it is an updated version. Users, for example, get access to fundamental educational strategies. The minimum amount of money that may be sent is $5,000. Silver account holders, like bronze account holders, have the choice of making an individual account.

Then there is the Gold account. As the title implies, the account’s golden features make it the most acceptable investing plan for investors interested in spending more than $10,000 on trading items. In addition to professional account analysts, weekly sessions, and instructional accessibility, the firm will offer four private education meetings, which are premium services.

The platinum account is perhaps more up-to-date than that previous investments, and it comes with a unique set of trading features not available in other brokers. However, its minimum limitation for sending cash is likewise significant, encouraging bears to spend. Senior accounts analyzers will update you on investment choices rather than a typical account analyst.

The holders of a diamond account get access to all of the functionalities of a platinum account and additional diamond characteristics. Users can get a complete educational bundle as well as local training access. The diamond training program is a distinctive element of this investment strategy. People who require a savings account can do it by enrolling in a diamond investment strategy.

A minimum payment of $2 million is required to join the VIP account. Senior accounts executive analysts, regular trading sessions, complete education bundle, proper education centre membership, VIP trading, and VIP trading program are all included in the VIP plan.

Is there any help available from Global CTB?

Understanding whether or not some broker provides services is critical since there may be moments when you want assistance for various reasons during your trading career. You could be having a technical problem or have other issues that need to be addressed. If you don’t obtain your answers right quickly, you risk missing out on trading chances and maybe losing money. In the case of Global CTB, client service is not something they give up easily.

They’ve been highly proactive, as their help is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On their site, they feature a FAQs area where they address typical questions traders might have had. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you may contact Global CTB through various methods. It depends on how fast you need a reply. You may contact them by email, chat rooms, or phone.


Before you could even utilize a broker’s service, you must go through the registration system, which may be difficult since some brokers have lengthy procedures. They could ask for unnecessary details or need you to get on approval process that you would not want to go for. As a result, the fact that Global CTB hasn’t overcomplicated its regulations is a huge advantage.

You will discover that their procedure is straightforward and devoid of any long needs. Their registering method entails completing out a single form that can be found on their website. It requests information such as your first and last names, contact information, and birth date, as well as your region, email, and passwords. You should accept the Terms and Conditions after completing the form, which completes the registration process. You are not required to wait for any permission or do any more actions.

Trading Charges

Whenever you utilize a broker’s service, you should find out what type of trading charges they will charge you because they might cut your earnings. While some firms may be secretive about their prices, Global CTB is not one of them.

Since they wouldn’t want to misrepresent their customers, they are very open regarding their expenses. You didn’t have to think regarding commissions since they do not charge any; instead, they utilize spreads, which are among the narrowest and cheapest in the industry, allowing traders to optimize their earnings. In addition, there are no fees connected with dormant accounts or deposits.


Global CTB has become one of the top brokers in the marketplace, providing beginner and professional traders with the most up-to-date tools, tactics, and approaches. There is no need to be concerned about this broker because it is legal.

If you want to work as an associate or an IB with a company, they provide advanced technology, marketing tools, a capital structure library, and professional service.

If you’re a beginner trader, I do not even think things can get any easier from what this broker offers. Its trading platform is excellent, the instruction is available, you can join the in-person training session, and you may begin with a bit of investment. Based on all of this, I am confident in recommending Global CTB to anybody.