Google Pay consumers have good news in terms of their cryptocurrency shopping list. The Alphabet Inc. digital payments platform has allowed its consumers to purchase cryptocurrencies using the plugin, the collaboration with According to the guidelines issued by official sources at Google Pay, the new feature will make its public debut shortly.

It means that the users of the Google Pay applications will be able to make all their cryptocurrency purchases directly, linking their accounts with On the other hand, developers have confirmed that the collaboration with Google Pay will be completed before the end of next week. With the arrival of the latest update on the Google Pay application, android users will also be able to enjoy the new feature.

E-commerce Opportunities for Businesses and Organizations

Google Pay’s addition of cryptocurrencies can encourage more merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their products and services. Since the Google Pay application is easily accessible by millions of users around the world through smartphone applications, tablets, cellphones, and watches, it allows the option to make instant online payments to consumers.

There are also a considerable amount of Google Pay account holders with their payment channels linked with debit or credit cards. However, these account holders also can sync digital wallet with their Google Pay accounts and use it to settle their bills. Furthermore, in the pilot phase, Google Pay has already integrated support for more than 250 unique cryptocurrencies. managed to make the news headlines a few days ago by announcing its expansion in regions like Singapore, Greece, and Dubai. The cryptocurrency exchange was able to obtain a practice license from the respective regulatory organization in the most bustling and lively economic activity zones in the world. Additionally, the company also announced a collaboration with the Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify.

On the other hand, Google Pay has also been busy throughout the last two years, forming a partnership with companies like Gemini exchange. In the same vein, the account holders of Google Pay can also redeem their Coinbase cards to settle bills for goods and service purchases. Other noteworthy partnerships with Google Pay are Bakkt and Nexo applications that plan to expand on Google Pay MasterCard services dedicated to cryptocurrencies.