It seems that the crypto industry is at war with any and all kinds of regulatory oversight; it is almost as if the centralized world doesn’t even have a tiny bit of space that they can lend to the decentralized space. This is general acceptability, and it may have some solid merit, but this is not true at all in this case. When someone is willing to break or bend the rules to their advantage, may it be the centralized world or the decentralized space, some kind of justice should be in order, and that is exactly what is happening here? Google has shortlisted eight distinct crypto-mining apps to be banned and removed from every Google-based platform immediately.

These are the apps that were being flagged as red by the top cybersecurity and mobile security system Trend Micro. Trend Micro released a summary explaining how these apps were nothing but fraudulent and misleading customers to explicitly dangerous pages and links. These apps were nothing more than a simple click and bait strategy being used for a long time in the cyber world.

Trend Micro Releases Report on Fake Apps

The ultimate purpose of these apps was to steal the users’ personal data and, in the process of doing so, their financial information as well. Next, these might target the processing of this extremely delicate data into packets so these can be thrown over to the dark web and sold to the highest bidder; the whole process is devastating. Most of these apps were also prompting the users to pay heavy fees for the sake of mining crypto, which ranges from $15-$190.

The issues were raised by Trend Micro as well, but it was Google diagnostics that scanned these apps during a casual check on Google Play Store; during the scan, those eight retrospective apps lit up like a Christmas tree. That is why these apps are being removed, and Google is taking further precautions to ensure that such apps don’t make their way back to the station. Anyhow, according to a new estimate, there are about 120 different such apps out there on the Play Store at the moment that need to be dealt with.