GTA 5 has been the biggest hit so far for the Rockstar game development studios, with Red Dead Redemption 2 behind the line to steal the spotlight, but the GTA series is an all-time greatest from the Rockstar productions. Clearly, it has an intensive fan base around the world, and with another game scheduled to hit the franchise, the hype is really out there. Rockstar studios have never been afraid to push the limits and see the results as they have taken many bold risks, and if not all, most of them have paid off in the end. 

GTA 6 might Become the First Game to Include Crypto Rewards

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency in the financial world, Rockstar studios did see an opportunity and have already made plans to make it happen with their newest adoption of the GTA series, the GTA 6. Not only will the game offer in-game cryptocurrency awards to the players, but it has become the first title or franchise to do so. 

People are already hyped up about the game and getting crypto rewards for completing missions, and so has really taken it to the next level for players and lovers of the GTA franchise. Some say that it is all rumours spreading around at this point, and none of this has been backed up by the franchise yet. 

But there are some sources on Twitter hitting on the news and assuring the crowd that it is going to happen with the latest GTA game, the GTA 6. Players will have to sign up as they play an online open-world game and be provided with a brief of the missions and things they need to do. 

When they complete the so-called missions or do the things mentioned on the list, they will be awarded in cryptocurrency instead of cash money, and the rumour has it that Bitcoin is among the list of the approved cryptocurrencies for GTA 6. A broker will be added for dedicated cryptocurrencies so that the users don’t bump into any difficulties when claiming their crypto prize.