Steve Cohen is a hedge fund manager who was heavily invested in the crypto business before the bear market started to loom over the crypto market like black clouds that don’t rain but remain there to terrify the masses. Cohen was all but ready to launch a few crypto projects, he was part of the funding round for the NFT-based company Recur and for the crypto analytics firm Messari but he has left all of it for good amid the consistently prolonged bear market.

This is the question that arises in the hearts of various other investors and capitalists who don’t have any other purpose in life but to see their money grow. Why would they invest in the crypto market seeing that it is a sinking ship and is sinking at such a speed that was unfathomable for any financial market to have ever existed?

Maybe signs were there all along but no one cared to view them in a sane context. The same crypto market saw a boom both in reputation and growth since its launch that no other financial market in the world has seen. The speed was over the charts and the speed at which it is deteriorating, capitalists losing their money, investors jumping this sinking ship, crypto hedge funds, and other blockchain affairs closing down at a monstrous speed is nothing but a reference to the failures of the crypto market.

Steve Cohen Limits his Exposure to Crypto Assets

Cohen was part of the investing firm Radkl and he has potentially left it too since the crypto market came on the verge of getting tanked. Despite Cohen leaving the firm, the firm is still investing pretty heavily in the crypto market based on the assumption that a market reversal is in order and things will stabilize soon enough.

But Cohen on the contrary has limited his exposure to crypto assets and any trading that he is doing presently is strictly in cryptocurrencies that exhibit low volatility and are potentially new so that he can invest now, reap the benefits and get out before these go down themselves.