Texas is among those American States which are pretty optimistic about the whole decentralization approach. The mayor of Texas and other key people have already verified that they want to make Bitcoin a part of Texas along with decentralization. There are currently many projects which are being designed and will be initiated somewhere along the line regarding Bitcoin and blockchain technology not only in Texas but across America.

It seems that the United States has finally started to appreciate cryptocurrency and the crypto market and see for what it is, an ingenious instrument for modern finance. Recently it hit the news that Texas will be inaugurating the special firefighter’s fund, allocating about $25 million to both Bitcoin and Ether. This is a benefit fund and will be able to help so many firefighters into their retirement and many other after-service attributes. Mainly the fund will be able to serve more than 6600 active and retired firefighters along with the surviving family members.

Texas Openly Supports Crypto

If we talk about Houston overall, then the pension fund for firefighters has allocated a huge part of the original $4 billion investment portfolio into crypto, $25 million to be exact. The department in Texas used a New-York based digital investment group for the sake of purchasing $25 million into both the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin and the second-largest, Ether.

The pension fund in its entirety is more than $4.1 billion in net assets, and only 0.64% of the original fund has been allocated to cryptocurrencies. At this moment, this small percentage is enough to build the trust of investors and, moreover U.S. government in the crypto market. When they see the amazing returns for these crypto-assets and would be awaiting the time when they will be defrosted again and used by the firefighters, the state would most definitely be allocating more and more of its funds regarding various other organizations into crypto. This is just the beginning of a very long list of decentralized programs in Texas; according to its mirror and other key personalities, for the sake of the public, it is hoped to be true.