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The Forex College has made an assessment of InteracInvestor for you today and we have concluded in our InteracInvestor review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with InteracInvestor trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

InteracInvestor Review

InteracInvestor logoAfter the raving success of eCommerce services, the next big digital transformation is going to happen in the financial sector. Everyone is worried about investing their savings using one or the other online brokerage services. One service stands out from the crowd named InteracInvestor. This article is going to reflect on whether it is possible to trust InteracInvestor as a reliable brokerage or not.

Transparency and Privacy

When it comes to working with a new online digital broker, most people can fear losing their personal information. However, the team of InteracInvestor has been in business since 2013 and they have a dedicated team of legal and technical experts to ensure the security of their clients. The website offers a detailed view of the legal information and privacy policy for the benefit of the users.

Before signing up with the service, the users can contact live customer services and ask them any questions. The platform has also incorporated the best cyber-security measures to ensure that its clients can safely and confidently make all their online transactions.

InteracInvestor website

The team at InteracInvestor believes in educating their consumers to earn their trust and they are always helpful with any information or guidance in the spirit of full disclosure.

InteracInvestor Offers a Wide Variety of Trading Instruments

It is very important to note that InteracInvestor is not just a cryptocurrency broker with more than 200 options. The platform also offers a wide array of different trading services such as Forex, Indices, ETFs, and securities.

The consumers can invest in all the top indices in the world hailing from the most competitive markets such as Australia, USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and Germany, etc.

Their wide range of services is based on their extensive experience and exposure in the international stock exchange markets. It does not matter where their clients are based, they can start creating an internationally diversified trading portfolio to ensure their success.

The official website of InteracInvestor is also very accessible and compatible with all devices and operating systems. Users who wish to stay connected can also install the latest mobile application.

Educational Material for Traders

InteracInvestor is a digital brokerage services provider. However, it believes in offering its clients the best chance at turning a profit in their endeavors. Therefore, the management of the platform has incorporated a lot of educational resources on its official site.

Thus, users who wish to learn about trading and improve their trading strategies can benefit from more than 60 animated video tutorials and the latest blog posts.

Trading Packages

There is also a news board that keeps the investors informed and updated about all the latest developments in the financial markets. In addition, there is a five-tier brokerage package available for every new user.

The beginners can start from the first and go all the way up to the platinum package as they grow and gain more experience. One way or the other, every user on this platform is on a path to improvement and reaching their full potential as a serious trader as long as they are working with InteracInvestor.

InteracInvestor trading packages

Top Rated Online Brokerage

It is worth mentioning that the efforts of InteracInvestor towards achieving excellence in their industry have been recognized. The platform has been rated as the best crypto platform by NameCoinNews.  In addition, the same forum has also been rated as an A++ CS provider by ForexNews.World.

Another noteworthy achievement of InteracInvestor is getting a rating of being the most innovative brokerage for 2020 by FXNewsLive.


InteracInvestor encourages its clients to learn more about this brokerage before signing-up. They have been in business for a long duration and have earned recognition from several online publications during their successful tenure.

People from all parts of the world feel at ease working with this platform to grow their portfolios and gain exposure to an international trading market.