The crypto winter affected all DeFi platforms, but some were impacted more than others. However, there is one thing that makes it crystal clear several companies are not fazed by the contraction of the crypto market — some companies continue developing amidst all this chaos. We recently talked about several networks that made improvements. Now, their ranks are expanded with IOTA which announced the deployment of its test network Shimmer.

Many companies are making huge improvements

It seems that smart developers are making bet on the next year when the crypto industry will start recovering after the crypto winter is over. Many analysts predict a strong Bull Run somewhere in the future. Networks that want to be competitive during the next uptrend should focus on introducing new features and acquiring valuable partnerships with famous brands and corporations.

Algorand recently introduced an upgrade increasing its throughput to 6,000 TPS which is 5 times more than previously. Cardano deployed its new Vasil upgrade preparing the network for further improvements down the line. Ethereum merged with the Beacon network to switch to the PoS protocol and start introducing new performance upgrades. Now, we know that IOTA is also focusing on developing its infrastructure.

The Shimmer Network will act as the test realm where new features will be deployed before they are implemented on the mainnet. The IOTA protocol will deploy innovations, new features, and upgrades on the test net and try to identify advantages and disadvantages before making them publicly available. The Shimmer Network will have its own native token SMR which indicates that the network will unlikely be used only for testing.

IOTA is capable of improving the mainnet

This network has been founded as an alternative to other blockchain ledgers and intends to be more scalable and faster than competitors that are already established in the industry. Whether IOTA can take off is a question that many investors have to answer themselves. It seems that the dev team is ready to start implementing new exciting features despite the raging crypto winter decimating many DeFi platforms and whole networks.