Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has known to have a certain inclination towards Bitcoin and decentralized technology. He has often mentioned on various occasions and interviews that if he was not murdered with responsibilities from Twitter and his other endeavours, then he would have personally invested all of his time and resources into building a bitcoin-centred platform and finally, it is going to happen. Keeping in mind the fact that Bitcoin is an asset and needs to be traded, Jack Dorsey has announced his latest project, which is a bitcoin-centred DEX.

Jack Dorsey is going to do everything he can to make Bitcoin a currency of the Internet, and the first step to do so is to build a powerful enough decentralized exchange which is exactly what he has opted to do and the division which will be in charge of this endeavour is called DEX. In one of his recent tweets, Jack Dorsey has said that he’s more than invested in Bitcoin and takes this project rather personally, which is why the first open platform decentralized exchange is in the works and will be made available to the world once tested and finished.

Jack Dorsey has Soft Corner for Bitcoin

There is something that needs to be stated here, and that is Jack Dorsey has worked on a CashApp in the past, which worked as a payment processing system for crypto to fiat. This new project is still in the theoretical stages, which is why not much was shared by Jack, and the team is likely working on the schematics as we speak. But it would not be as difficult or complicated to begin with as some blueprint from the recent CashApp developed is also present, so it is not like they are starting from scratch, which would have been difficult and rather tedious to begin with.

The most elegant benefit of this decentralized exchange is that there will be no intermediary to which people look up to for the sake of buying, selling, or withholding cryptocurrencies as they will be able to do so themselves. Everything about this app is automated and decentralized, which makes it a rather unique and thrilling project of the future in the crypto space.