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The Forex College has made an assessment of MarketSpots for you today and we have concluded in our MarketSpots review that it is indeed a recommended broker. You can understand why in this review. You can sign up with MarketSpots trading platform in the link below or continue reading to learn all you need to know.

MarketSpots Review

MarketSpots logoOnline trading is becoming increasingly popular among people day by day. People have improved their way of living after relying on this online-based trading system, and now it’s your chance to improve yours. If you want to make a huge sum of money by trading online, I would suggest you one of the best trading brokers, people’s choice, and known to millions of people by the name of “MarketSpots.” In the MarketSpots review, you are going to know about the major features of the broker.

People were a bit reluctant when they were asked to invest through online trading platforms. But, now most of them have developed a desire in them during recent times, and now they are doing online trading without any hesitation and making huge profits. There is a list of reasons why they have shifted their interest towards this sort of business, and the COVID-19 pandemic is the prime reason among all. This ominous disease has restricted the movement of people and their ways of doing things. A number of businesses saw heavy economic losses. After this outbreak, it has become clear that it is not leaving this globe so early, and people have to live with this disease for a long period of time. However, during this whole time, they stop earning to fulfill essential needs, and this is where the world population has started realizing the importance of cryptocurrency and other kinds of trading via online trading places. Despite all the concerns, individuals are not ready to bear more downfall, and they are working with a number of brokers to earn using online trading that requires your money only and not your physical attendance in any workplace.

In online trading, you have to trade from a brokerage platform with your money, and brokers are always there to assist you through the procedure. Humans trust a broker that gives them a taste of fulfillment, and they put their money into the broker’s hands so in search of a better return. Many people make millions and even billions using their wisdom and ability of decision-making, but some may have to face a rather different scenario where they can lose a fraction of their amount if they cannot make a better decision.

What attracts most people is the fast growth of the trading market in the last couple of years, which has compelled them to alter their decisions. Like every coin, the online trading market has two sides either. In this market, you will find good and fake types of companies depending on their ethics. Fake firms try to manipulate their customers by stealing their money, which puts a bad image on a trader’s mind. On the flip side, a small number of brokerage firms work day and night to provide every possible ease to their customers, and MarketSpots is one of them. Customer satisfaction and safety of their belongings is the most important thing for such companies. They do not work for their benefits, but they do their best for the interest of a trader or an investor who believes in them. For those who are ready to start trading, I would suggest you select a legitimate and ethical trading broker like MarketSpots. To become a successful trader and make huge profits, your choice should be this platform. But, before you make any decision about a broke, let me give you comprehensive information about this extraordinary trading company so that you can remove all the queries from your mind after reading this completely.

Distinction of MarketSpots

The finance market has a plethora of companies operating in this field, and they all offer their loyalty to the customers of the fiscal market. If the smell of money had attracted clients towards the fiscal market, it has gathered many companies as well, and a majority of them are fake to trick those who are new to the business. These evil companies have a motive to snatch every penny from easy victims, and as a result, these companies put a bad impression on them. After this sort of incident victim will never trust the real ones as well. In this commercial market, everyone is doing the business where some are doing it in a legal way, and some are sitting in the market exploit easy minds. It is a trader’s responsibility to show the presence of mind while choosing a broker in order to enjoy the best set of services.

MarketSpots offers contrasting services that make it totally distinct in this field. This brokerage firm is always in action to give top-notch services to its customers no matter how impossible that is. They try to turn every impossible into a possibility because they take their client as an asset. This platform has every solution for the customer’s problem so that they can gain the trust of traders in the market. In the past, this company faced a decline in its reputation due to some fraudulent firms but, better policies help them win it again within no time. MarketSpots keeps an eye on the ups and downs of the market, and with their experience, they assist traders in making the best decision at the best time so that they can enjoy more benefits. They have a strong initiative where they always guide you to keep your trading smooth and easy.

MarketSpots also offers a training system for customers who are new to the market. To turn them into experienced traders, these training sessions are of great importance and help build a strong network of competent traders. Very few brokerages provide this facility, and MarketSpots is one of them.

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Customer Support Service

Trading is not a cup of tea for everyone; however, it is something to enjoy when you are a master of it. Some traders learn to trade when they are new in the market, and this is where most of them have to deal with a lot of problems. Trading platforms have different kinds of helping services, but in the case of MarketSpots, they offer you a brilliant chat support service. A highly skilled team is always ready to drag you through all sorts of issues, no matter how complicated they are. This company offers a 24/6 chat support service, and you can ask about anything by just typing the subject issue. Their response would be surprising and enough to tackle anything you are dealing with.

Variety of MarketSpots Accounts

Without a number of options, brokers may not be able to impress anyone. MarketSpots is the only place with a wide range of accounts offering in the fiscal market. This list of accounts has Pro, VIP, Gold, Silver, and Standard on it. It will be unjust to leave this topic here, so let me discuss all these accounts’ characteristics.

Standard Account

In the list of accounts, the standard is the first name. This account is specially designed for fresh traders with no experience at all. This account is opened with a minimum deposit of $10,000. When you invest for the first time, you will get a bonus of 20% that makes MarketSpots different from all the other firms. After investing, traders will be taught strategies and trading skills.

Silver Account

This account is not different from a standard account except for a feature of 25% concession offered to its users. The rest of the features of this account is similar to the standard account. A trader should open this account to enjoy better discounts. Traders of any level can open this account.

Gold Account

Gold account type stands at 3rd position. Requirements for this account are pretty different from the above-mentioned accounts. You have to invest an amount of 100 thousand dollars at the time of opening, and as a result, an exemption of 35% is all yours. In this type of account, facilities like trading alerts are available as well, and experienced market traders can sign in with this account.

VIP Account

With every increasing level, traders will get more benefits in terms of discounts and services. Only VIP customers can open this account and, they are able to use it. A trader is required to submit an amount of $250,000 at the beginning. Users of this are allowed to use all the services of the above-listed accounts, and they will get a discount of 50%, which is higher than all others in the list till now. MarketSpots offers the webinars facility to the VIP users as well.

Account for Pro Traders

A trader who is well-trained and has mastered everything about trading can open this account called a Pro account. In this kind of account, a trader can use a wide range of facilities, including webinars, alerts of trading, one-on-one sessions of trading, trained account managers, and exemption of trading fees. This account is for those who are professionals in this field, and they have traded for years in the market.

MarketSpots account types

Trading Tools and Assets of MarketSpots

This platform offers a wide range of instruments to help customers in order to keep them updated with ever-changing trends and prices of the commercial market. Every single tool is designed to help traders to trade in an efficient way so that they can improve their business portfolio in order to earn every possible profit. At present, this brokerage firm connects you with cryptocurrency, forex trading, and the stock trading market. If you choose MarketSpots as your middleman, you will be able to use all these tools for trading. You can monitor trading trends, and accessibility to this platform is easy through an android phone or desktop.

MarketSpots offers a variety of assets to deal in. Trading members of MarketSpots are allowed to deal in goods, forex, currencies, stocks, and many other things. On this platform, trading commodities such as gas and oil plus gold and other precious metals can be traded according to their value. Some of them are more valuable than others, so people choose them more as per their worth. MarketSpots assists traders in dealing in stocks, bonds of different governments, ETFs, and indices as well. These brokerage’s unique features have maintained a good reputation all over the world, and people are always ready to get more at a low price. Discounts and low fees make it a better place to trade as compared to the other firms.

Paying Methods

After signing up with MarketSpots, you will get to know that this broker is so good for the traders that it gives so many choices on every step of trading, from investing money to claiming profits. Customers can use a variety of approaches to invest, withdraw and distribute money and no other broker in the market has these qualities yet. Trading is full of options with MarketSpots so that a client will not feel any difficulty. If your MarketSpots account is linked with your bank account, you can use payment mechanisms using a debit card or a credit card. Payments are possible via the wire transferring system and BPAY.

Keep in mind that MarketSpots is a legit company, and every time you withdraw money, you have to complete a verification process to verify your identity. This may take a few minutes, and you have to repeat this process while depositing as well. Rest assured, this service is for your satisfaction and the security of your belongings. This procedure will ensure that no mishap will ever occur.

Client’s Data is Kept Confidential

No customer is ready to disclose the information and data regarding his account, and they prefer to choose a highly secure and dependable broker. MarketSpots is never willing to share your data with anyone except you, although many companies do this to make money. They share your personal information with others and get money in return. This can lead to heavy losses because a customer’s personal information can be used in the wrong way without the client’s consent. These shameful acts are of some illegal companies that let their agendas compromised by hackers and blackmailers and that pave the way for a mishap.

This brokerage firm is highly protective and possessive about its customers’ personal information, and it obeys the rules of AML and KYC and completes a procedure of customer identification before a transaction takes place to keep records and to control irregularities. For the purpose of verification, an individual can provide his ID card, bill, license, or any other document that can prove his identity. MarketSpots also tackles the act of illegal transfer of money and strictly obeys the law of Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Smooth Registration Process

A trader is always in need of a broker platform that can provide everything about trading against little effort because customers are not willing to indulge in the complexity of initial registration. Unlike other companies, MarketSpots has a rather simple channel of registration where a client isn’t asked to go through a complicated procedure. You just have to give your first and last name, number, and email on the website of the firm. After that, you have to give a password, and MarketSpots will ask you to read the conditions chart before you register. After completing all these steps, you are ready to learn and trade with MarketSpots straight away. This convenience of registering yourself is another solid reason that you should partner with MarketSpots.

No Concealed Charges

At the start of this article, I have mentioned the fake brokers who are always trying to snatch whatever you from your hands. This type of broker charges a lot of money without telling their customers, and they will keep on making heavy profits without your knowing. These firms do not think about the well-being of the client but their own interest. MarketSpots has already made things clear for you and holds a motive that transparency is their policy. There are no hidden charges over anything, and every single penny is charged with the customer’s consent against the service. The volume of charges and commissions is totally fair, depending on the size and type of services. MarketSpots informs customers about all its policies at the very beginning.


A broker is something that acts as a bridge between a client and the trading market and provides services to the client like an assistant of the market. MarketSpots is another bridge but the strongest and most reliable among all. Before jumping into the trading market, everyone is advised to pick MarketSpots as a consulting brokerage firm to make the best profits and to enjoy huge discounts. Normally, other brokers provide no exemption on less than an intermediate account, but MarketSpots is the only kind to give heavy discounts for every fraternity of traders without any favoritism. If you are looking for options, this firm will give you so many that you will surely find an account of your own interest.

This platform can be accessed by using an android device or a desktop to trade anywhere in this world. Trading into multiple markets in a variety of trading assets is possible if you partner with MarketSpots. You can choose oil, gas, gold, and other metals as your asset. This broker will let you in easily because it is easy to use and secure and lacks complexity in its procedures. Your money is secured with MarketSpots, and their customer support team is always ready to sort out your issues 24/6 at any time. This brokerage is totally legitimate with a highly professional team of experts. MarketSpots charges no extra money in the name of services and duties provided to the customers and consider your information as an important treasure. Choosing the real broker is a hard nut to crack, but selecting the best is even tougher, but those of you who are ready to join online trading should invest with MarketSpots. No matter if you are a new or pro trader, and it really does not matter if you want to invest little or more than that, just close your eyes and join today; MarketSpots will welcome you.