The whole financial industry is currently seeking any collaboration or entry point they can get their hands on with the crypto market. Payment processors, financial enterprises, and even the stock market are willing to do business with cryptocurrencies such as the likes of Bitcoin, and they are not going to stop until they get a clear passage to do so.

Mastercard being a direct rival of Visa, has already begun its transition into the crypto industry; it has reportedly bought a crypto data analytics firm and has now announced an NFT giveaway in the UK with Jose Mourinho, the world-renowned football coach. These NFTs will be produced and then shipped to all the UK customers randomly who have Mastercard, and the transition will be gifted on the basis of a neat algorithm.

This is the same NFT that was considered dead not so long ago, and now it is completely revived, and the financial industry is pouring in a lot of investment and enthusiasm to get the NFT space back to its feet. The decision to build and then ship non-fungible tokens in the UK has been made and is orchestrated by the Mastercard UK branch. Jose Mourinho will be in charge of this amazing NFT transition taking place in the UK. The coach has also signed a contract to become a global ambassador for Mastercard.

Mastercard’s Giveaway Facility Is Available To Few UK Cardholders

The non-fungible token which is being produced at the moment is an animated football that is signed by Jose and will be delivered in the form of chips or many digital pieces to the Mastercard holders in the UK. Mastercard is also willing to go all-in with a particular blockchain project which the payment processor intends to make its own. Moreover, all the Mastercard holders globally will be able to retain cryptocurrencies as well in the future.

Visa, on the other hand, is a bit slower to this crypto adoption and has been following the footsteps of Mastercard. The future is going to be very generous to the crypto industry, and the companies and financial institutions who are making the transition now will be better off when the time comes.