Popular fast-food franchise, Chipotle is bringing the heat of the Jalapeno to the cryptocurrency community. The management of Chipotle recently announced its partnership with a digital transaction third party called Flexa. The Spanish cuisine restaurant is planning to make cryptocurrency payments possible for its consumers.

As per the new announcement, the consumers will be able to make payments for their Taco Tuesday and other orders with digital currencies across 3000 branches in the USA. Furthermore, the investors would not only have a wide variety of Mexican recipes at their disposal when ordering from Chipotle but also a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

US Consumers Can Now Pay for their Chipotle Orders with Bitcoin

Media reports suggest that fast food and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to combine their two passions can pay for their Chipotle orders with 98 digital tokens. To make the transition possible, Chipotle has partnered with Flexa. The news was made official on the official Twitter account of Flexa, which also updated that Chipotle is working to integrate support for currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some stablecoins like USDC.

Thus far, the official website of Chipotle has refrained from making any comments on the matter. Flexa is also partnered with several big-scale corporate clients like Regal Theaters. Additionally, the digital payments application is also working in tandem with one of the largest financial services providers in El Salvador called Bancoagricola, which facilitates commercial and retail Bitcoin transactions for the bank.

To celebrate National Burrito Day, Chipotle distributed around $100,000 worth of Bitcoins among its consumers last year in April. The fast-food company also offered the crypto winners free burritos. To make the crypto distribution possible, Chipotle hired the services of the former CTO of Ripple Labs, Stefan Thomas. Thomas created a fun game for the consumers that allowed them to play a game and get a chance to win $25K Bitcoin.

Thomas took the inspiration for the game from a real-life incident when he ended up losing 7 thousand Bitcoins after losing a password. At the current market value, the total price of the lost Bitcoins is around $208 million. Franchises like Burger King have also experimented with cryptocurrencies by teaming up with Robinhood to enable Ethereum and Dogecoin giveaways last year in November.