The event “MicroStrategy World 2021” attended by 22,000 people and majority of the attendees belonged to enterprises. Michael Saylor has enabled free access to virtual conference so that Bitcoin’s message will reach people as much as possible.

22,000 Attendees

In his tweet, Saylor unveiled that almost 22,000 people attended the event entitled “MicroStrategy World 2021.” In the virtual conference, the chief executive covered many important topics related to the top digital currency. He talked about financial and legal issues about Bitcoin from the perspective of corporate sector.

According to MicroStrategy CEO, 8,000 out of total 22,000 attendees have come to just listen the program called “Bitcoin for Corporations.” There were 6,917 people who belonged to different corporates in the sector.

In order to spread crypto message worldwide, everyone is allowed to access playbook and download it for further analysis. Saylor seems happy as he got an exceptional public response. The audience has expressed a deep interest towards the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

MicroStrategy’s Reputation in the Crypto Industry

MicroStrategy was among the first corporations that dived into the crypto sector and purchased Bitcoin. After the firm’s entry, a lot of asset management companies invested money on the high flying cryptocurrency. MicroStrategy has almost $1 billion in Bitcoin and generated a high profit on investment since its first purchase of the top-rated coin.

The company also purchased Bitcoin during the dips when other investors were thinking about selling the top coin. The company bought Bitcoin worth $425 million via Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. The latest virtual conference was basically held to clear doubts of corporate sector about the top digital asset-Bitcoin. Saylor is playing a greater role in institutional adoption of cryptocurrency. Currently, the global crypto market is standing close to $1200 billion.

Besides company, Saylor himself invested in Bitcoin. According to recent reports, he owned Bitcoin worth more than $230 million. His presence in the crypto market has attracted famous personalities of the traditional world. People have put money in the crypto products via trusted companies, such as Grayscale, PayPal, MicroStrategy, and Square.

The latest promotion of Bitcoin by MicroStrategy’s top leadership has worked a lot and helped Bitcoin in breaking above $40,000. Currently, the top digital asset is exchanging hands at $39,137 after a slight decrease of 1.87% in the past 24-hours.