When everyone was deserting the sinking ship that is the crypto market, one country, El Salvador, saw this as an opportunity and not only invested a fortune into Bitcoin but also made the cryptocurrency a legal tender within its boundaries. For this, El Salvador has received harsh comments not only from IMF but World Bank as well. All these years after, the country is not exactly thriving but has produced a myriad of different services and components around decentralization.

Morgan Stanley Remains Bullish on El Salvadoran Bonds

According to Morgan Stanley, it is almost time to jump into an exclusive opportunity that will be presented to all, but only a few would be able to take full advantage of; he was directing the thought towards El Salvadoran bonds. The previous performance of these bonds has remained a question mark as the country is still fighting the lingering debt that it owes.

These Eurobonds are a classic opportunity at the moment because of the recent crypto crash, which has rendered the value of the present crypto holdings of the country broken. This corresponds to an opportunity that is available to all should investors care to pitch in.

It has been the worst bear market in crypto history, where the prices of assets have been cut in half, and they are still declining at a pretty fast rate. It seems like there is no rebounding at the moment, but whenever there is a bear market, there are opportunities present for investors who want to buy assets at a lower price only to turn them in to get a soaring profit on their investment.

The bond prices for El Salvador are also declining pretty fast, with the 2027 bond of the country tailing all the way to the lows of 26.3 cents on dollars, and that is pretty low even for a crashing crypto market. Morgan Stanley, on the other hand, has an optimistic view of the El Salvadoran bond market because if in the future the markets turn, the scenery is going to be scenic, to say the least.