Briefly –

  • My Neighbor Alice expands its play-to-earn status through its relaxing gaming approach.
  • The gaming network has auctioned another land sale via an in-game lotto that needs 50 $ALICE tokens to purchase.
  • My Neighbor Alice appears to bridge the existing gap between regular gaming and blockchain.

Modern gamers seem interested in the new play-to-earn gaming approach. For example, NFT’s generated $2.5 billion returns in Q1 2021. The notion of maintaining ownership of gaming tokens appears to challenge developer-focused business models. Online games like My Neighbor Alice use crypto tokenization to incentivize customer contribution.

Recent Developments

Created on the Chromia blockchain, My Neighbor Alice depicts real-time contact through integrating dApp stats on the sidechain. The game blends social games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft with blockchain aptitudes. My Neighbor Alice aims to add the blockchain capability to the gaming space by allowing gamers to purchase, own or sell virtual lands. Players need 50 ALICE coins to buy the land plots.

Though the game embraced the decentralized tokenomics approach, it attracts both traditional and blockchain gamers. Even gamers with no blockchain know-how can play My Neighbor Alice without hurdles. With its global gaming appeal, the project enhances its marketing via Binance NFT, where it launched around 40,000 anonymous baskets that sold out within no time.

The NFTs gaming shows encouraging stats as the crypto market recovers its losses. Keep in mind that the ALICE network has zero outflows. Moreover, its positive net flow stood at $74,211.

Future Developments

As the gaming platform attracts traditional players, the community speculates on a mobile release. The network is yet to add a mobile version. Meanwhile, the developers launched Alice’s Mysterious Seed, a companion game. The game’s developer, Antler Interactive, declared plans to release a Steam platform by spring next year.

Though other developers propose a similar gaming approach, My Neighbor Alice stays unique by allowing gamers to create their NFTs using MNA creator.

As NFTs appear to migrate to the gaming sector, allowing players to monetize and withdraw their tokens, ALICE utilizes Binance to incentivize its customers. ALICE showed aggressive upside moves as other gaming projects spiked. While writing this, ALICE trades at $12.85, a 100% higher since its 20 July lows at $4.20 (Coinmarketcap data).

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