It has been three years since the launch of Cardano’s mainnet, and the community is celebrating the event. Cardano will see its new Chief Executive by November, and the incoming CEO is determined to push the company up in the corporate sector.

Incoming CEO: Frederik Gregaard

Frederik Gregaard will be the new CEO of Cardano, but currently, he is the head of digital financial services at PwC. According to him, he would start working as a new CEO of the Cardano Foundation by November 1. While talking to a news outlet, he said there is a “trust gap” between big corporates and open-source public blockchains.

The crypto industry is not very old as it is only ten years old, but many giant corporations are here for years. And normally, the average age of a crypto project in an active state is not very high. What’s more, the crypto space has also a bad reputation due to illicit activities and scams. All these things have created a “trust gap.” He said:

“When you have an open project like this one, to convey this certainty to the larger corporations that we are going to be around in the next 10 to 20, 30 years. So you can build on us also for the long term, that we are sound both in terms of finances, but also in terms of team and people.”

Longevity of Cardano

He is determined to increase the life span of the project in the market and would update it more. But the current network is also able to handle a number of cases. “Financial services plus — that includes treasury and insurance and so on. I see a lot of use cases there which we can actually start tackling already now,” he said.

“And I think one of the large problems we are having today is that most of the states, they say they trust each other. Most of the hospitals and institutes, they say that they kind of we are all on the same page, but when it actually comes to real life. When it comes to life and death and the security of your country, stakes go up, right?”