As the mining trend leaves its basic place, which was China, and continues to shift and settle into multiple dynamics of the first world countries such as Europe and the USA, preparations are carried out to ensure that the mining operation will have access to as many power as it requires. The same thing is happening with the Mechanicville power plant based in New York. It is a hydroelectric power plant founded at the end of the 19th century and had been developing excessive energy ever since.

But with the mining approach taking on and people settling into new places and looking for ways to procure power, the power plant has been repurposed into a Bitcoin mining station. According to engineers and analysts who work in this power plant, the mining of Bitcoin is more profitable than selling the excessive energy that this plant develops.

This development is being cast into effect in an era when Bitcoin’s effect on the environment and the carbon footprint that its mining creates is of considerable note. Due to these very reasons, the price of the Bitcoin plummeted all the way to $30k from $64k, and the crash of the market was put into effect, whose ramifications we still continue to bear.

That’s why China is taking such a hard stance on crypto mining as it has to take care of the environmental ramifications of the mining process and, at the same time, try to do something about this massive market that has been flourishing within its bounds.

One of the most amazing things about this hydropower plant is that it uses renewable energy to power the mining equipment, and for that reason, it is exempt from New York’s mining bill. This clearly states that all mining operations taking place in New York will be halted effective immediately, but those using renewable or green energy will be given the go-ahead signal. The plant is willing to set up their own mining station as the excess energy will be spent mining Bitcoin rather than selling which is not as enchanting as using it for mining.