Best Cryptocurrency Brokers

As time passes, cryptocurrency, which exists in a virtual form, is replacing physical currency, and due to its reliability, people are always ready to invest in the market. Those days are gone when people used to deal in local fiat currency. Now they select a cryptocurrency asset in the market and just invest in it. Before you put your money through any channel, you have plenty of things to choose including a brokerage or a middleman. Investors and traders are not directly involved in any kind of dealings because the market does not allow them. For this specific purpose, they need to choose a brokerage firm that runs for them in the race and earn them heavy profits against some sort of commission or sometimes nothing. A cryptocurrency broker is a provider that provides customers the ease of investing money into any asset available in the market where one can buy and sell anything using a highly efficient system accessible via mobile phone or a desktop. You just need a computer or a laptop, and you can jump into the market where you are ready to trade.

Before choosing a brokerage firm, it is advised to examine everything in advance, and the only reason for this is the scamming lobby waiting to hunt you down before you realize what went wrong exactly. More than one thousand brokers are actively working in the trading market of cryptocurrency, and it is tough to select a real and highly organized broker from them. It is suggested to consult with an experienced person or someone who knows a lot about cryptocurrency. Whenever a person comes into this sort of trading, he is not familiar with the happening there, and this is where a fake broker can manipulate that newcomer, and they become their victims straight away. A broker takes your amount and invests it in an asset of your choice. Trading may be easy, but deciding a broker is always the first ladder to climb for investors and that first step of yours that decides your future in the business. Many people have faith in cryptocurrency, and they consider it the future of finance in coming years, and there are more numbers ready to leap into this trading market. When a person selects a broker, he looks for some qualities like reliability, security, user-friendliness, and compatibility.

Every broker has its different story, and they offer a number of margins and discounts to make it suitable for the customers. Fulfilling investors’ essential needs is what a broker looks for, and they do this in every possible way. Some of them are good for the fresh traders, and some are suitable for the pro traders. If a broker is good for withdrawing, another may be good for social trading. It depends totally on you and your needs that really matters when you choose a broker as an investor or as a trader.

Following are some best brokers, and you can pick your best as per your necessity.

  • eToro
  • IQ Option
  • Gemini
  • iTrustCapital
  • CryptoRocket
  • Robinhood
  • Voyager
  • Altrady


eToro has become a rather different platform to trade as it has gone more social these days. In this kind of social trading platform, you have to copy another trading, and by following this technique, you can make a similar profit just like that trader. It is not that easy as you have to suffer the percentage of the loss sometimes, just like the trader you are following. eToro has its updated version called eToroX. It is a brilliant broker and trusted by all in the market.

With this brokerage platform dealing in a variety of cryptocurrencies is possible, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. This broker has a brilliant support team to help customers if they face a problem. Traders have to deposit a minimum balance of $200. eToro has products like API (Algox application programming interface) that can be used to make a custom automated tool for trading.

IQ Option

IQ Option is another famous broker, and just like every brokerage, it has something special for its customers. If someone wants to invest a small amount of money, then selecting IQ Option would be the best option for that person. Beginners can make use of it as they are reluctant to start when they give their money for investing. Losing a small amount of money will not hurt that much but, with IQ Option, your account is safe, and there are minimum chances of losing money.

This platform offers a free-of-cost demo account, and that is the best opportunity to learn things in a better way. With this demo account, traders can understand things quickly. This brokerage firm is highly user-friendly with the ease of using it. Although this firm does not allow traders from Japan, the USA, and Israel to trade, it has millions of clients worldwide. 


Gemini is regarded as one of the best brokers in the world, and with the help of this trading place, you will find the best opportunity to build a remarkable crypto trading background. After this portfolio, the execution of strategies will become more efficient. Gemini is highly user-friendly and offers easy-to-use tools that will allow a trader to develop new skills. These tools allow a person to react quickly to price movements for the assets. These tools keep a person aware of the ever-changing trends of the market. The application of Gemini is readily available on every app store, and one can download it easily from there. The option of dealing in Bitcoin and all other major currencies is available.

Before investing with a broker, a client is always concerned about his money’s safety, and they prefer to choose the safest option among all. But if you want to invest with Gemini, then stop thinking and give it a try; I bet you Gemini is one of the safest and reliable platforms with solid security. You can create an account on Gemini for free, and you will be able to trade within the next 3 minutes.


With this brokerage firm, a trader or an investor is allowed to hold the gold in its physical state in its IRA (individual retirement account). Maximum dealing on this platform is connected with the IRA account where one can trade in multiple currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH in that IRA account. Crypto transaction with iTrustCapital is very safe and convenient because it provides you with your own private wallet by Curv to make things smooth. This trading platform is a bit costly as compared to the others because it charges an amount of $29.95 as a fee on a monthly basis. However, iTrustCapital has no condition of a minimum size of the account or trade for customers.

Apart from the above-mentioned fee, iTrustCapital charges a 1% fee on every trade, depending on its volume. Assets custody fee, IRA charges, and fee for using this platform are all included in the monthly fee. Anyone who is interested in adding physical gold into his crypto portfolio can invest with iTrustCapital. This firm has top-notch security and a highly skilled team for customer support, making it more suitable for trading in cryptocurrency.  


This is the only brokerage that has allowed its traders to deal directly with the markets, including crypto and forex, and no market makers are involved in its channel. Straight through processing of the CryptoRocket makes it unique among all other brokers. All kinds of traders can rely on this broker, but it is good for those who are hesitant when the deal spreads in the market. This platform is the signature of versatility where one can trade in stocks, indices, fiat currency, and crypto pairs. CryptoRocket offers dealing in 64 stocks, 11 major indices, 35 pairs of crypto, and 55 fiat pairs of currency.

It offers a leverage ratio of 500:1 for forex traders. The withdrawing and investing facility of this broker is up to the mark, and it is a legitimate platform for trading all over the globe. This platform also supports a third-party trading platform called MetaTrader4. Investors and traders like this platform, and it has millions of users all over the world.


Whenever we talk about a suitable account for beginners, the first name that rings the bell in our minds is Robinhood. This is the best choice for those who are new to the market and they have no experience of trading. This platform lacks all the complex options that other brokers have. It is so easy to use that even a newcomer can learn it and master all its strategies at a fast speed. Robinhood is a highly organized and balanced trading platform with fewer trading account types and trading options. Making an account with Robinhood will take less than 10 minutes, and after 10 minutes, traders are all set to trade using the application of Robinhood. With this application, one can access his documents of tax and account statements that is a plus point for a customer who can navigate things continuously.

Trading is very simple on this platform, with everything clear and visible, and every option on this brokerage will let you learn something new every time you will trade. Gaining some experience on each trade is the best thing about Robinhood that advocates the convenience of this platform and summons beginners to start using it. As per the different account types it requires certain criteria to be fulfilled. For example, a gold account needs a minimum account balance of $2,000 to be accessed by the user. All in all, this brokerage is the best option for fresh traders with zero experience and less money to invest.

On this special platform, one can deal in more than 90 kinds of cryptocurrencies, and due to this quality, has always been a priority of the investors. With the help of this brokerage firm, one can transfer or exchange anything, and storing facility is available too. Traders and investors of this specific platform will get a Visa card, and you can use it to spend your crypto anywhere, anytime. 

You will get 8% of your crypto back every time you use a Visa card across the world. Opening an account with this brokerage firm is totally free of cost, and the verification process will take less than 5 minutes, making this platform less complex. has the vision to attract more and more people towards the cryptocurrency market, and for that purpose, they offer a range of products such as exchange, pay, earn, and credit. All of these are gifts from to win customers’ hearts. Relying on such a broker is totally sensible because it owns a worldwide reputation for its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Pricing on this platform depends totally on the kind of assets you use, and you are not bound to maintain the minimum amount of balance. This broker is known for its Defi exchange facility, and that separates it from others. With an unbreakable security wall and quick access of users, this brokerage firm has made its place among the market’s top trading platforms.


Voyager is known for its versatility, where traders and investors are able to trade in more than a dozen of the crypto exchanges known for their security and dependability. With Voyager, it is possible for a person to trade in more than one market by choosing multiple assets. This broker is reliable than others because it offers a commission-free trading facility where one can save a lot of money, and trading in a variety of markets is possible with its best hi-tech system. If you want to trade with a secure and fast broker, do not wait and give it a try. You can start trading after following three basic steps by downloading the app on your android device or desktop. After making an account with Voyager, you are all set to enjoy trading. Buying and selling with more than 50 assets is possible with Voyager.

Voyager is a secure and fast trading place with different types of accounts available. A customer can choose a type of account, asset, and currency before they start trading. Voyager understands every need of its customers and considers it a priority. Voyager does not have any strict verification rules that make it user-friendly due to the lack of complexity.


Altrady was developed by the crypto specialist for all types of traders, including beginners, experienced and professional traders. Altrady is offering you the handy helping and trading tools used by the professionals for successful trading in the cryptocurrency market. These tools not only help but improve the skills of customers to make them good traders. Like other best brokerage platforms, Altrady is concerned about its clients’ needs and offers everything under one roof with its easy-to-use trading software that you can install on any digital device.

With the help of Altrady, trading with ten exchanges is possible, and it offers price alerts as well. With Altrady, limiting ladder order and gaining fast access to the market tabs is very easy. It also offers a break-even calculator and flexible trading pages. Just like the Voyager, trading costs nothing but with this brokerage; you have to deposit a minimum balance of $10:00 USD in your account.


Trading without a broker in the cryptocurrency market is just like diving into a war without a shield. A person may trade without a broker, but doing this involves many risks, and some may be unbearable for an immature trader. Brokers are the middlemen working for you. They take your money and invest it into cryptocurrency trading for the sake of profit against the invested money. Brokers give profit to the customer and get a commission as per the size of the trade. Some brokers charge a fixed fee on every trade and transaction, and that is the way of their earning. Brokers are pro traders with a lot of experience and knowledge of the market, and they can use their tactics to turn the tables within seconds. They can make a huge profit from a small amount of money.

More than 1500 brokers operate in the market daily, and only a small fraction is legitimate and reliable. Above mentioned all are the top cryptocurrency brokers, and each of them is compatible with different kinds of customers according to their needs. They can choose a broker that suits them, and before choosing it, a trader should make a note of its priorities because it will help him find a better option. A customer prefers a brokerage platform with less complexity, better pricing, low costs, more trading options, security, and reliability. If anyone has all these options, people will consider it as an ideal broker, and finding the perfect one is always a hard job. A broker must offer all these options; otherwise, it will break a client’s heart. Brokers also educate investors who are new to the business of trading, and developing new skills is the ultimate goal of this training. Brokers prevent a trader or investor against hackers and scammers because newcomers can be easy prey to those evils. If you are ready to invest in the crypto market, just choose any of the above-mentioned brokers and start living your dream.