Cybersecurity services provider, Octagon is one of the first-ever platforms to convert its balance sheet into Bitcoin in the sector. As time passes, more organizations and individuals are coming up with new use cases and better integration of cryptocurrencies. The use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for recording the financial activities of an organization is a big transformation.

There are many more firms that are exploring the utility of the blockchain network beyond its established status as an investment option. Octagon network operates out of an Ethiopian company called Addis Ababa which is also established in San Francisco. The firm recently told the media that it converted all its liquid assets and balance sheet into Bitcoin.

Octagon also Offers a Discount on Bitcoin Payments 

Over time, the cryptocurrency sector has started to seep deeper into the tech sector. The cybersecurity organization Octagon recently claimed that it was open to accepting payments in the form of Bitcoin. To encourage the clients of the firm to clear their service bills with BTC, the management of Octagon has also introduced a massive discount on crypto payables.

As per the latest announcement posted on the blog of Octagon, the clients who are willing to pay for their services in the form of Bitcoin can enjoy as much as a 50% discount. Paulos Yibelo, the managing partner at Octagon, recently told the media that the firm is determined to explore the global network reach of Bitcoin that connects hackers and cybersecurity personnel across the globe.

Yibelo, the managing director of Octagon Network, recently told the media that the firm is aware that it is not among the big wigs of the industry. At the same time, he claimed that it is one of the first cybersecurity organizations in the world to convert its balance sheets wholly into Bitcoin. With the latest transition, Octagon has converted all its assets into Bitcoin and will actively receive payments in Bitcoin.

Octagon has recruited around 20 top white hat hackers from US markets since its conception in 2022. The firm has also managed to provide services for around 1.5 million devices across the globe. Ethiopia is no stranger to blockchain technology as Cardano network founder Charles Hoskinson signed a contract with the government of an African nation to make the education system of the country corruption-free.