Ricardo Salinas Pliego is not only a billionaire, but he is considered to be the third richest man in Mexico. Pliego is the chairperson of Grupo Salinas and has a personal net worth of $15.6 billion. Despite having a lot of money, the billionaire does not seem to be very happy with his treasure. 

In a recent interview, he revealed that all fiat currencies are a joke and a scam. It should be noted that Pliego has been a vocal Bitcoin investor and supporter for many years. He started his crypto portfolio with $8000 in Bitcoin and continues to add to it to date. He has also invited other financial investors to diversify their portfolios with cryptocurrencies.

Pliego Claims that His Bank is Preparing to Start a New Bitcoin Fund

The centibillionaire investor recently told the media that his bank is in the process of starting with Bitcoin. It is not clear if the bank would be adding Bitcoin as a reserve or starting a fund like Goldman Sachs. Talking to the Bloomberg journalists in Mexico, he explained that the limited supply of Bitcoin is a key factor in giving it such large-scale market traction.

He further added that the international recognition and popularity have allowed Bitcoin to acclaim a universal value and the ability to garner massive liquidity. He also revealed that at present, as much as 10% of his portfolio is invested in Bitcoin. If his bank start using Bitcoin as per the claims made in the interview, it would be the first bank in Mexico to become crypto savvy.

Pliego revealed to the journalists that he has been studying the subject of Bitcoin for years. His expertise and background allow him to make a sound judgment about the impact and possible benefit of the market. Shedding light on the current devaluation of the dollar, he claimed that the greenback is a destructive asset. He retains that in 1981 the Mexican pesos were valued at 20:1. 

Today, the peso is staked at 20,000:1 against the USD. The fiats for states like Argentina, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe have become completely extinct in comparison to the greenback. As more monetary emissions are going to the dollar, the value of the dollar keeps falling. He was asked by the journalist as one point that what would be his top asset choice for the next thirty year? To this, he promptly ruled in favor of Bitcoin and discarded paper bills.