As you know, PayPal has recently incorporated crypto payments into its main wallet. Both existing and new users will be able to hold, buy, and consume their cryptocurrency for various online or in-store purchases. They were working on a new project which specifically focused on bringing the newest possible features for crypto enthusiasts out in the open; the project was called super app.

Ben Shulman says that the project was already completed in the context of coding and is now passing the final development stages and will be rolled out soon. The exact timeline is not currently known, but there is a mention of ‘next several months, which means that the platform will either be out by December 2021 or at the beginning of the next year.

PayPal has also mentioned that their users will not have to wait any longer and will have access to a more robust and total crypto processing platform. Unlike most of the sought out releases in the digital world, where plenty of features for a new upcoming platform or app are disclosed prior to trigger the user’s interest in the new offering, this isn’t the case with PayPal’s super app. Not even the Tech reviewers or the top players in the crypto space have access to any information pertaining to the features of this new wallet which is to be introduced in the next few months within the US.

PayPal’s Super App will also Offer Crypto Services

A hint was taken by many regarding the features that will be available in the super app wallet indicate high yield savings, messaging capability, and access to deposit your funds directly. According to Shulman, each and every wallet will serve as a unique entity being backed by advanced AI and incredibly augmented machine learning capabilities.

According to a survey done by PayPal, they have more than 400 million active users as of June 30; the payment volume, which indicates the total number of transactions along with their size, is roughly about $311 billion, mentioning only the second quarter of 2021. PayPal is among those few companies that are actually flexible towards their users being allowed to interact with cryptocurrencies as the funding source.