There are many Forex brokers in the market, but you will find few who make can satisfy all your trading needs. To find a good trading platform for Forex pairs, you will have to do a lot of research. I have made your task easy as I come with Pibexa, which is offering outstanding trading opportunities for traders and investors across the world.

Introduction to Pibexa

Pibexa is a registered Forex trading broker featuring a wide range of Forex investment products. For users, it has unlimited surprises in the form of investment opportunities. A trader can earn thousands of dollars by simply using the site of Pibexa. In security and privacy, the Forex broker has won the hearts of customers. What’s more, it has listed trading pairs with all top-rated currencies, which provide an outstanding opportunity for traders to bet on a wide range of products.

Exceptional User Interface

Traders also love Pibexa as its user interface is effective and easy to use, which prevents people from any kind of difficulties happening in online trading services. If a user wants to withdraw money, he will reach the concerned section within minutes as compared to a lengthy process found on other trading platforms. The developers of the company have experience of years in designing the best possible interface for users. The user interface is equipped with all advanced and updated options that make it more charming and attractive for investors.

Top-Notch Customer Care

If a company does not provide good customer support, it loses the trust of traders and results in a failed communication gap between a company and its users. Pibexa is a popular forex broker among people, interested in trading currency pairs. Professional customer agents of the website respond to users’ help calls in minutes and solve their problems without wasting a time. The team, serving people for customer support, is experienced and professional which not only makes it charming but places it at the top of the list in leading trading platforms. For 24/7, the customer agents work very hard to satisfy the queries of users. Pibexa has also rolled out a “Contact Us” where users can submit their queries. What’s more, the email address and phone number are also available to contact Pibexa’s support team.

Experienced Team of Pibexa

Behind every successful company, there is always hard work and dedication of the team, which strives to uplift a company. Without a good team, no business can become successful. The same story is with Pibexa that is ruling the forex trading space thanks to the experienced and professional staff members of the broker. The hard work of team members can be seen clearly in the development of the website and the unlimited services of the company.

Top-Rated Investment Products

The beauty of Pibexa lies in the offering of exceptional services. Traders and investors demand a large number of products for trading and investment. In order to satisfy all requirements and needs of customers, Pibexa has come with marvelous and praiseworthy features. On top of the list, its facility of offering unlimited investment products as compared to competitors attracts more traders. Unlimited numbers of investment products are available at the service door of site users.  On the platform, trading pairs of all recognized and potential currencies are listed for trading. Moreover, the resource material and agents of the site assist people in the investments, which results in high profit.

Account Types for Traders

Different investors have different investment needs which should be kept in mind before starting a journey with any brokerage firm. Big investors need more exposure to trading facilities, features, and security because their capital is high. On the other hands, small level traders require investment plans with basic trading facilities. The company is providing four different investment plans having different trading features. It is clearly mentioned over the site that there are no hidden charges, setup fees, or extra charges on using provided account types including Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, and Diamond account. Once you open an account with the brokerage platform, you will be granted with personal account manager, a team of expert traders, market reviews, a mobile app, and 24/7 customer care.

Silver Account

Silver account is for those people who do not want to play big and want to play safe. One can also try out the service of the broker by opening the basic account. Traders must have at least 250 to open this account while the maximum limit stands at 999. Silver account holders will be offered with two features: Ebook and Academy Access. The Ebook consists of guide information about trading strategies and techniques which help in gaining a lot of profit out of trading.

Gold Account

Gold account is more advanced in features and facilities than the Silver account and also helps in getting more exposure to trading space. The minimum deposit level stands at 1,000 while the maximum limit of the deposit is 4,999. Besides offering Ebook and Academy Access, users will be offered a dedicated account manager. The dedicated account manager will assist you in making decisions at the time of trading.

Platinum Account

In trading facilities and investment services, Platinum is the best investment plan than Gold and Silver accounts. Instead of an account manager, you will get the services of a senior account manager who have better expertise in the industry. Owners of the Platinum account will enjoy the trading sessions of an expert analyst. Holders of Platinum account are eligible to get up to 100% bonus and will pay no fees on funds withdrawals. For an additional profit, an interest-bearing account is available for people holding a Platinum investment plan. One can own this investment plan after submitting funds of at least 5,000, while the maximum limit for deposit is set at 34,999.

Diamond Account

The Diamond account is the most premium investment plan of the Pibexa broker. It is for those investors who want to bet in thousands of dollars. To accommodate big investors, it offers all premium facilities, which are not present over any alternative site. For investors’ ease, a full education package is also rolled out on the part of the company. For premium users, the option of premium contract options is available. Besides these mentioned features, other functionalities, including senior account manager, expert analyst trading sessions, bonus up to 100%, the option of Mastercard, zero withdrawal fees, and availability of interest bearing-account for profit are present over the site.

Pibexa Mobile App

Almost all trading platforms now provide service of a mobile application for their customers. But some are offering a more advanced mobile app that is compatible with the latest technology and makes traders rich. There is another benefit of mobile application as one can carry his smartphone wherever he wants to take it. With a new era of technology, the whole trading process has shifted to the fingertips of traders. They can make trades irrespective of place and time and it has become a 24/7 process. Pibexa is offering an advanced mobile application for the trading of Forex pairs that is equipped with the functionalities of the new tech era. The services and features of web-version are also available over the mobile application. The resource material and educational access videos are also accessible via the mobile application. If you have the Play Store on your mobile phone, you can download it from there. If you do not have Play Store, you can ask for information about installing of the mobile app from the support team of the Forex broker.

Is Funds Safe on Pibexa?

People who join a trading site definitely do personal research about its reliability as protection of funds is an important question. If the funds of customers are safe and sound on the platform, they will happily join it. But how a user can put his trust in a new trading platform? To check the credibility and reliability of a trading site, one can try out it by submitting low funds in a low amount. Second, they can read online feedback comments on the part of site users for the trading site. After reading online comments about Pibexa, I can assure you that it is a trusted place for the trading of Forex pairs.

As a regulated brokerage platform, it prevents all kinds of illicit activities due to compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. Compliance with AML policy assists the company to act against money laundering acts which are common in online financial institutions. Similarly, the KYC policy avoids any manipulation with user identification information. I have reviewed the Pibexa platform from all perspectives and it is a genuine trading site without any threat of funds stealing.

Pibexa Focus on Security

In the major goals of Pibexa, the security of the website and users is at the top of the list. At the time of website designing and development, the experienced developers of the site deployed strong security layers. The multi-layer security prevents and counter-attacks any kind of cyberattack. According to Pibexa, they give first priority to the security of customers’ information. In order to protect users’ information and funds, the company has implemented a series of standard security measures.  It has a clean history that no one even can breach the security of Pibexa’s website which is an exceptional thing. On the other hand, many trading sites became the victim of cyberattacks or theft attacks in the past which result in a loss of millions of dollars. Once you become an official member of Pibexa, your security will become the responsibility of the company. As a leading registered trading platform, it ensures all safety measures which are necessary for users’ protection.

Privacy of Customers

You will not like the idea of sharing personal information with any third party and will go in a way that protects your information.  There are a few trading platforms that really focus on customers’ privacy. In reality, the brokers have fully centralized control, which includes the sharing of users’ information with a third party. But Pibexa is an exception as it takes the responsibility for users’ privacy. In the tech era, users’ data means a lot as giant tech companies earn billions of dollars exploiting the users’ information. But in any case, the responsible team of Pibexa never shares information with a third party. Over the compliance page, the company has mentioned all rules and regulations regarding the privacy of customers. If you have any inquiries about privacy, you can contact the support agents of the brokerage firm. Based on my personal experience, you will not encounter such kinds of issues on Pibexa’s platform.

Resource Material for Market Exposure

In the trading world, there are two kinds of market analysis: technical and fundamental. While doing technical analysis of the market, we employ different tools and indicators and predict price values for short term and long term future. The prediction based on technical analysis does not come true all of the time. On the other hand, there is a fundamental analysis which does not use technical tools and indicators. Rather, people make predictions on fundamental news as news pour a significant effect on the markets. In order to update traders on the important circulating news in the markets, Pibexa has dedicated a separate section for it. In the section offered for market news, you will find all fundamental news covering the market stories of the day. The market news will help you while making decisions about investments in particular investment products. In the same portion, you will also confront top trends as well as popular trends. Popular trends mean which assets the majority of investors are giving in the capital. You should review both top trends and popular trends portions before investing money over particular Forex pairs.

Pibexa’s Fee Schedule

If we compare the fee schedule with other Forex trading brokers, we come to know that Pibexa’s fee structure is much better than others. There are many reasons for it as it does not cut additional charges on services. On basic services, it deducts fees that are competitive in nature that makes it more popular among traders and investors across the world. On the opening of accounts, it does not charge fees as the whole procedure is free of cost. It is clearly written over the site that there no hidden fees or commissions, but on the other hand, many renowned trading companies charge fees that are not even mentioned in the fee schedule. You will not find data about the broker’s fee structure over the site, but you can get it after opening an account with Pibexa. Once you choose an investment plan and fund your account, you will get access to the fee schedule of the trading firm. Traders and investors prefer those sites which cut low fees on trades and Pibexa is satisfying the needs of people throughout the world.

Start Trading with Pibexa

In order to become an official member of the brokerage firm, you must have to pass through some steps which are much easier to follow. In my opinion, you should first get detailed information about a trading company before you choose it as your trading partner. Once you get mental satisfaction about a broker, you should go away with it. But if your mind does not comply with it, you should find a better one. I have made your process easy by researching Pibexa in detail and find it the best trading deal for you.

To start trading with Pibexa, you will have to register yourself with the Pibexa broker. For registration, a newcomer will have to provide basic personal information such as full name, phone number, email, and country of residence. In the next step, you will select one investment plan out of four. There are four different plans, silver, golden, platinum, and diamond, to investors. If your investment limit is restricted, you should choose the basic investment plan which is a silver account. But if you have a big investment amount, you should go for the Diamond investment plan.

Once you select a particular account type on the basis of your trading needs, you must deposit the amount fixed for that investment plan. After depositing the amount with a provided payment method, you will be able to use the services of the platform. While making trades, dedicated account managers will assist in designing an effective and profitable portfolio. You can also utilize other services that are provided by the trading site.

Pibexa has listed all popular payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and American Express to deposit funds in the wallets of the trading site. It does not take time to submit funds in the account as the whole method is fast and secure. Similarly, at the time of withdrawal, the company does not await users for a long time to drain money out of the broker account. For withdrawal, the company supports various payment methods.


Pibexa is a popular Forex trading broker among investors and traders across the world due to its top-notch features such as top-level security, unlimited trading opportunities, active customer support, and protection of users’ privacy. Pibexa has the most competitive fee structure among trading sites, which are popular in Forex markets.