Bitcoin has amazed onlookers as it recently reached an all-time high. Although it experienced a little drop lately, it has risen back up with a potential to rise even higher. 

Many analysts are trying to study its price changes to decipher what its future value may be in the market. The fact that it has grown to be so successful over the years is a big factor fueling these huge speculations. And, considering the path it has taken, these predictions do not appear to be far from the truth. 

Kaleo’s Price Predictions

A popular crypto analyst that goes by Twitter handles Kaleo has also shared his predictions. He says that the rise and fall in Bitcoin’s price is but probably overcorrection. His speculation regarding altcoins prices is likely correct as the prices of cryptocurrencies are gradually returning to their previous points. 

He also said that there would be a fresh rally in the coming months that will hugely influence the price of Bitcoin, leading it to a higher point than it currently is. From his predictions, he believes the price of Bitcoin will be doubled in the next few months. 

Speculations also point in the direction of other cryptocurrencies rising and reaching new highs in the market. He had studied their past prices and recent actions around the fall and rise in price. Also, taking market emotions and a host of other factors into consideration will lead us to the grounds that he established his predictions with. 

We all knew the prices of cryptocurrencies would soar, but nobody seemed to have made such predictions of such a high price change in a short while. 

Many investors are also speculating, and the predictions of Kaleo have been met with other speculations too. While many believe the price of Bitcoin will rise high and may be higher than Kaleo’s predicted price, a good number of people do not agree with the time frame in which Kaleo has proposed. 

The truth is certain, Bitcoin’s price will rise and have so many new all-time highs in the coming months. What remains a prediction is how quick and how stable, such change will be. However, the change set to happen in the coming months will really favor all Bitcoin investors and perhaps influence the rise of other currencies too.