QTeckQTeck has made quite a name among its traders from around the world in a very short time. The broker serves new and experienced traders and is often admired for the flexible and trade-friendly trading conditions. In today’s QTeck review you will read about all the features that have helped this broker come up on top as the best online broker for many traders.

QTeck – Features that Impress

Trader Friendly Trading Conditions

When you talk about trading conditions, you are pointing at what your life as a trader will be for as long as you are with QTeck. These trading conditions will affect you as a trader for the entire duration that you spend with this broker. For that reason, you have to make sure you reach a final decision only after a careful and detailed review of the trading conditions. The first thing you want out of your way is the commission. It is best if your broker charges you in the form of spreads. That’s exactly what you get with QTeck. You don’t have to pay any commission. Instead, you are going to see spreads before you invest your money in a trade.

These spreads are fixed for basic traders because it makes trading easy for them. On the other hand, people with advanced accounts can take advantage of floating spreads. They can always calculate the profits they will be able to make on their trades before putting their money on the line. The leverage is there at 1:100 for basic account holders. If you sign up with an advanced account, you can get leverages of up to 1:200. There is no restriction on hedging if you want to try that technique. Last but not least, the minimum deposit requirements are also very convenient for anyone joining an online broker’s platform for the first time.

A Platform That Works Everywhere

Your trading platform should be able to travel with you today. People love the idea of portability in the modern world and that trend is the same in the trading world as well. The trading platform you get access to with QTeck is available on almost all the types of devices that you know. You can use this trading platform on your computer, smartphones, and tablets. The web version of the software only needs one of the many famous browsers e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. for you to use it. In addition to that, you have the software available in mobile application format as well.

You often receive indicators and price alerts from the broker after you have signed up. When you receive the price alert, you want to take an action immediately. This is where the portable trading platform is very useful. You don’t have to wait to get to your home before you can enter a trade.

Education and Ongoing Training

It should not surprise you to see the training material from your broker. Almost every broker on the internet now has some training material to help you learn trading. However, what you want is something that’s not just basic and does not end within a few hours. That’s what you get with QTeck. First of all, you can pick and choose from dozens of ebooks and videos that can help you learn trading. In addition to that, you have webinars where experts are giving lectures to train you in real time. You can always ask questions from them to increase your knowledge and become an expert trader in no time.

What makes QTeck education even more special is the ongoing training. An expert adviser is added to your arsenal as soon as you open an account with QTeck. The most amazing thing is that this expert advisor is there for you even if you sign up with the most basic type of account. You also have access to a resource center with every single account type. If you sign up with the gold or premium account, you will get daily market alerts and an experienced consultant to help you with your trades. The best thing is that these two account options also include one-on-one training for you for as long as you maintain your account.

Unique Assets for Trading

If you have been researching online brokers, you must have noticed a trend in their asset indices. They all offer you commodities, forex currency pairs, stocks, and indices for trading. Some have more options within these categories and some have only a few. However, when you go with QTeck, you will notice something new. The company has created a completely separate category for cannabis stocks. Yes, you now have the opportunity to make some investment in this lucrative market as well. More importantly, you have some of the best cannabis stocks at your disposal when you sign up with QTeck.

Some of the companies whose stocks are available with QTeck include Cara Therapeutics, Tilray Inc., Cronos Group Inc., GW Pharmaceuticals, etc. If you are an experienced trader but you have never invested in cannabis stocks, QTeck is the best place for you to start. Being some of the best companies, these companies give you a higher chance of succeeding with your investments. In addition to the cannabis stocks, you will also find cryptocurrencies on QTeck platform.

At the moment, you will be able to invest your money in bitcoin. This is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market and QTeck is there to offer you a chance to invest in it with some big leverage. The best thing is that you can deposit funds in your account using your personal bitcoins. You don’t have to waste your time converting your bitcoins into some fiat currency when they can be transferred directly from your crypto-wallet to the online account you have with QTeck.

Safety of Information and Money

How can you give your money in the hands of a broker that does not give you any satisfaction in the area of security? How does an online broker offer you security of information and money? First, you have to ensure that there is some standard and method in place to hide your information from the cyber criminals and hackers. With QTeck, you can rest assured because the company will protect your information through encryption. You will also be glad to know that identification process with QTeck is very thorough because of the KYC policy adherence. No one can steal your information and use it on QTeck because of this policy.

The money deposited by you or any other traders of the broker goes into a separate account. This account is meant to hold only the funds from the traders. This same level of security is maintained by the company even when it comes to depositing money in your account. You have crypto-wallet, bank wire, credit card, and internet money transfer methods available to deposit funds in your account. With so many different methods of deposit, you can always pick one that you have always trusted.

The Many Trading Tools

As a trader who uses the QTeck trading platform, you will also enjoy the use of many trading tools. These tools have been designed to help you execute your trades successfully. If you use them properly and consistently, you can avoid unnecessary losses. There are many different types of tools and you can use them at different times for different purposes. Some can calculate your losses while others will help reduce the chances of entering any unsuccessful trades. You have access to many of these tools right from your trading platform, which means you can stay updated with latest financial market news and price alerts on the go.

These trading tools also include chart analysis that you can learn with time to make successful predictions and forecasts. The best tool included in your account is the signals. Signals tell you what position is likely to yield profit in a particular trade. While signals can be greatly helpful, they must not be used without your personal analysis and home work.

A Trust-able Customer Support

As you continue to trade with QTeck, you might need help on various occasions. When you do, you can contact the company easily because of the many contact options. If you want to talk to a human and get your issue resolved on an instant basis, you would want to call one of the multiple phone numbers that are on the website. Of course, there is an email address available as well that you can send your queries to. A 24/5 customer support is included with every account type. The convenience you get with QTeck is unmatched because you have a personal account manager included with your account too.

Bottom Line

QTeck has achieved the title of being one of the best online brokers out there. It won’t be wrong to say that its list of cannabis accounts and the cryptocurrency assets is one of the reasons why people prefer it over hundreds of other brokers on the market. So, if you are preparing to launch into your trading career, pick one from Starters, Silver, Gold, and Premium account based on your needs and get active.