Despite COVID-19, Switzerland has managed to safeguard its economy. The country that was once thought to be surrounded by volatile political geography has managed to play its card right. One evident proof of a strong Swiss economy is the evaluation of CHF or Swiss Franc. As of February 2021, the CHF closed at $1.10. This great new is from the Swiss Crypto Valley.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus scare, the prospective growth of the Crypto Valley of Switzerland was thought to sustain some damages. However, as time has passed, it is visible that new startups continued to commence and choose the Crypto Valley as their hosting grounds.
The amount of progress in the top 50 Swiss Crypto Valley companies is estimated to have increased in value greater than 680% or $200 billion during the year 2020. These estimates were issued courtesy of CV VC or Zug’s Crypto Valley Venture Capital. These numbers are not just good news for the local investors, but they also show a steady crypto incline for the near future.

The Crypto Valley of Switzerland is a kind of Free trade zone that has been operational for a few years now. Before the launch of Bitcoin, the valley was favoured by businesses and investors due to its trade-friendly policies and forward-thinking. As of now, the Valley is home to more than 800 prestigious blockchain projects.

The CEO of CV VC, Mathias Ruch, has finally broken silence about the current status and future expectations about this place. According to his official statement, the quarantine period between March 2020 and September 2020 was filled with doubts. However, as time has progressed, the regular flow of startups have kept the place up and running at full throttle.

Ralf Kubli puts together the report about the Crypto Valley’s top 50 blue chips’ exemplary progress. In his comprehensive report, he further states that the Swiss authorities’ strong legislative initiative for regulating Blockchain projects is one of the biggest contributing factors for this positive development trend.

As a rule, Crypto Valley is hosting 11 selective crypto unicorns, namely Ethereum, Aave, Dfinity, Nexo, Near, Cosmos, Tezos, Polkadot, Solana, Cardano, and Diem. Each of these hosted crypto unicorns is valued at over $1 billion dollars each, which is a green signal for new investors. Due to Crypto Valley’s continuous progress and success, the Swiss authorities have passed a sanction to allow citizens and Zug canton enterprises to transfer their taxes up to 100,000 CHF in Bitcoin or Ethereum.