Peter Brandt has been in the business of analyzing the stock and futures market since 1980. In the same year, he founded Factor Trading Co. Inc. The company was dedicated to conducting market research, trading analysis, and arranging surveys for institutional investors. He is considered an expert authority on stocks and commodity trading. Both his Amazon best-selling books Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns and Diary of Professional Commodity Traders are considered marvels among the trading professionals.

However, it seems that Brandt does not refrain from giving out good advice under the guise of good humor. In the past, he had been very vocal about his Bitcoin appreciation. He keeps issuing warnings and concerns over the crypto market turn-ups for adhering to a trouble-free and legitimate route from time to time. For now, his remarks about the laser eyes have attracted the attention of many Bitcoiners.

The veteran commodity trader has issued a comical remark about the recent crash of Bitcoin. In mid-April, Bitcoin managed to reach an ATH of $64,500. However, this position suddenly crashed down to $51K without any warnings. The analogical remarks of Brandt are not limited to one-liners and anecdotes. He has also broadcasted a long explanation to support his claims.

According to Brandt, when the investors start to appear out of the shadows and publically announcing the massive holdings of Bitcoin, the market becomes more volatile. Much could be done to influence the present participants on the social media platforms who are admittedly rooting for a bull run. However, for the most part, these correlations deem unscientific at best. Nevertheless, some crypto enthusiasts are paying heed to his words.

Brandt has dished out more information for the benefit of Bitcoiners and crypto enthusiasts. He claimed on his Twitter account that a mere 20% correction of Bitcoin is nothing to be worried about. It should be noted that Brandt has been predicting a massive Bitcoin rally in the upcoming months.

He claims that Bitcoin has only finished a quarter or more of its current bull run, and it is likely to go full circle in the upcoming weeks. However, in his recent tweets, he said that Bitcoin is unlikely to repeat any major downward trend, but it is true that Bitcoin is known for pulling surprise from time to time.