JavaScript’s developers group denoted the establishment of Shandong, the preliminary stage of the Shanghai Ethereum Testnet. According to this statement , Shandong Testnet is a beta version of the experimental Testnet .

Shandong will work closely with EF DevOps, which plays a key function in the activation of a number of chosen EIPs being considered in Shanghai. The collaboration among EF  and  DevOps will allow the customer testing process to begin early.

There are currently five EIPs.

According to the JavaScript team’s post, the 5 of 7 EIPs are activated.

Important properties

EF JavaScript said in a monologue on Twitter that the Shanghai Testnet will include EL blockchain researchers and trading cranes. The cranes will allow users to fund trading experiments when they are active on the Testnet. In addition, there will be an RPC end point in Shandong for customers who do not want to run links.

The team established Yamato testing platform as JavaScript network running on multiple nodes. Java Script clients, including the new Frontier search (Lodestar) will have a chance to enjoy the system. 

The new system advantages

This new system  is all about optimizing the work of clients and their transactions’ operation. Its main aim is to optimize the process and free the users from work that is excessive and only makes the process more tiresome.

In the future, the whole system will be launched at full speed and all the Ethereum holders and investors will be able to put transactions in minutes without have to download the node every time.

Not only that, but the system will provide an exclusively high level of data protection and secure storage of info. The users will get the best of all: the speed, service and support. The team also declared that a new forum will be open soon to support and develop the testing platform even more. Everybody who wishes to participate will have a chance to do so.